Celebrating the M!

AO: F3Rollingstone
Q: heatstroke
PAX: Life Alert, Big Tuna, Kumho, MC, Vespa-Odell, LoveSeat, SugarF3, Clickbait, Pox
FNGs: None
Disclaimer given, now the festivities
Warmarama: Various mosey style movements, 46 SSH, Abe Vigodas, Ape Vigodas!! and other stuff
The Thang: In honor of the M, 4 Burpees – 6 Jump Squats – 4 corners style in the lot with lunge walks and bear crawls. 3 rounds. Mosey to HRMS with MHs along the way. Arrive at Muscle Up Wall, for well, muscle ups. 4 MUs, 6 Donkey Kicks. 3 rounds. To front of school, 23 step ups. Return to AO lot with obligatory MHs.
Mary: 46 LBCs, 29 Flutters – the true bday age
COT: Praise for another trip around the sun for my M – love her, she’s the best, especially for putting up with YHC. Prayers for Greek and his son, Detention’s knee, Vespa’s brother’s condition.
Moleskin: Solid work out there in the sub freezing temps. Definitely a G Rated BD, definitely no unsavory mumblechatter in this one…show to know. Credit to Sugar for coining the slow monkey humper as the Ape Vigoda. Should have mixed in the newly minted Lumberghs for the occasion – opportunity missed. MC once again must have left the house at 0530, he found us this time. Lieutenant Dan would have been proud of this BD – maybe Pox will get the pax squared away with the upper body tomorrow. Great to have Big Tuna back out as a now Thursday regular. Awesome to continue to see Vespa and Clickbait continue to kill it even in the cold weather…now it it is time to Q:)
Announcements: Happy Hour tonight at Johnny Brusco’s 6:30/7pm-ish. Cold Mountain sighting at the Teeter next to JBs, YHC will be checking at lunch about that.
Have an awesome day brothers!! HS

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