30 30s or Gamma’s Revenge (“borrowed” this one from Gamma)

AO: F3Harrisburg
PAX: Othello, Kojak, TarTar, SS Minnow, Battery, gamma, Hacksaw, JD
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, IST, Penny Pickers, Mountain Climbers
THE THANG: 4 Turns (NASCAR country here)
Turn 1: (by the gate between the tennis courts and the practice field)
30 Merkins – motivate to Turn 2 and motivate back
30 Jump Squats – motivate again
30 LBCs – motivate
10 Burpees
Motive to Turn 2

Turn 2 (in front of the ticket booth)
30 Air Presses – motivate to Turn 3
30 Bobby Hurleys – motivate
30 Mountain Climbers – motivate
10 Burpees
Motivate to Turn 3

Turn 3 – (by the gate going into visitor parking)
30 Flutterkicks – motivate to Turn 4
30 Squats – motivate
30 Shoulder Taps – motivate
10 Burpees
Motivate to Turn 4

Turn 4 – (corner close to the entrance of the school)
30 Supermans – motivate to Turn 1
30 Apollo Osnos – motivate
30 Plank Jacks – motivate
30 Low Dollies – motivate
10 Burpees
Motivate back to the parking lot for Mary work

MARY: Pretzel Crunch x 16 (L) / 15 (R) – (thanks to Othello and Gamma for your notice on my superb counting skills)
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Quarry Crusher Run : more information: raceroster.com/events/2022/62356/quarry-crusher-run-concord. FIRE! This Saturday, 19th at @Othello’s – Beer, Bourbon & other B stuff…
COT: Prayers of @Battery’s friend Ray Singleton. Ray’s wife, Roslyn, passed away this past Tuesday from brain cancer. If you would like to read a great article about her faith in dealing with her cancer and other personal battles, check this out. It’s worth the time: www.novocure.com/stories/roslyn-singleton/ Continued prayers for @Solocup’s son as he recovers.

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