AO: F3Harrisburg
Q: Hacksaw
PAX: Peppa, Dr. Lecter, JD, gamma, oz
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Extinction mile
THE THANG: 5 Burpees | 25 stepups | 400M run. add 5 Burpees , add 5 reps and new exercise after each round. 25/30/35/40 stepups , 30/35/40 superman pulses, 35,40 low dolly, 40 crunchy frogs.
MARY: none
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Quarry run 11/19. great work @peppa for CPR ruck. Stop the Bleed was great, had 13-14 attend.
COT: Minnow got 6 miles in on the side. Dr Lecter, Gamma and JD got through the 4 rounds I believe, YHC and Oz almost. Great hard work by all today on Pre Election Day! Go VOTE! Always honor to lead and wonderful coffeeteria today!