A Bunch of Old School Stuff

As usual (yeah, I need to work on my punctuality) YHC rolls in at a decent speed (STP as pre-workout inspiration) right on time for a 0530 arrival.  A short inquiry to our Rucktards who met at 0430 (crazy kids) for a little pre-beatdown Ruck on how it all panned out, text book disclaimer and we were on our way via Indian Run to the Old School Bus Lot.

On the way we pause at the Bus Lot Spot light for a bit of a Warm up:

SSH x 15

Merkins x 10

Planks Jacks x 10

Windmills x 10

Cotton Pickers x 15

The Thang:

Mosey to Bus lot and line up on curb:

Sprint to other side – 5 merkins and hold plank til 6 finishes

Quadraphelia back – 10 squats – Al Gore til 6 finishes

Repeato 10/15

Repeato 15/20

Repeat 10/15

Repeato 5/10

Mosey to front entrance of school and partner up:

P1 step-ups, P2 run up parking lot stairs and back.  Switch – 3 rounds

Partner Grinder – P1 exercises while P2 runs around circle and back.

50 jump ups, 100 Decline Merkins, 200 LBCs

Mosey to front field:

10 Patty Cake sit-ups, run to opposites sides, 10 Carolina Dry Docks

Repeato 15, 20

Indian Run (3 merkin special) back to WROES for Mary:

Pretzel Crunch x 15

Mason Twists x 20

Homer to Marge with extras (low flutter/rosalitas)


Naked Man Moleskin:

– Thanks Men for joining me today and following my lead.  Strong push by everyone!  Well done!

– T-claps to the Ruckers who doubled down!

– Thanks to @ColonelMustard and @Gamma for visiting, don’t be strangers. (I’d thank @Sparky too but we’ve pretty much claimed him as ours at this point)

– @Kilowatt and @Verona, you guys are excelling!  Really noticing the improvement! (I know it may not feel like it, but that part never really goes away)  Keep posting!!

– @Palin’s got 2 in a row, will he go for 3?????  Good to have you back out!


  • Tradition HDHH tonight 7pm at Hickory Tavern, Mallard Creek Ch Rd
  • Q School next Tue – Tradition, 0530
  • Sirus Reunion – 8-26 0530 at Cox Mill Elementary


Orders for the remainder of the day:

Do 10 good deeds today.  Doesn’t have to be anything big.  open a door, give a compliment, let someone in while in traffic, etc.  The world could use a bit more ‘nice’!


10 thoughts on “A Bunch of Old School Stuff

  1. Whatley

    My favorite style beatdowns! Well done Buddy. Still trying to find appropriate punishment for Hula!

    1. Sugar Post author

      Rolling Stone. I typically tag based on attendance of representatives from other AOs. Based on your question, is it safe to say you didn’t post at any of the AOs tagged? Skywalker excluded of course)

  2. Gump

    Correct, the idea behind the tags is to show what AO it was and so they show up under an AO’s web page.

  3. Sugar Post author

    Thanks Gump! i appreciate you setting me straight! Can’t wait to see you back up at RS sometime!! (1 down 9 to go!)

  4. Bagheera

    Not a nice workout to come back to after a rest. I’m feeling it just about everywhere right now. Don’t worry, I’ll get my revenge!
    @Palin great partnering with you. Sorry about all the miscommunication during the grinder. In my defense, I do have some hearing problems. Although I wear hearing aids, they get shorted out when I sweat. And one of them is away for repairs right now which didn’t make it any easier. Thanks for putting up with it. Good job hurdling the fence too.

    Man those patty-cake situps!

  5. Sparky

    I’m still feeling the fun. Great beat down Sugar. I think Hula and Spark Nut are Qing a special workout at Skywalker tomorrow, if anyone is up for another fun boot camp.

  6. Schnitzel

    Nice having the Colonel and Gamma. Who is who-la?
    @Kilowatt, well done partner. Fall is right around the corner.
    @Sugar, good Q. Homer to Marge extended version was brutal.

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