Bacon Beatdown

‘Twas a strange morning. YHC which doesn’t get sick had a cold & huge medicine head due to some little red pills (not blue) that said they don’t make you drowsy. Well, after 6 hours of not so good sleep I can tell you that they LIE!! It was one of those feelings where you turn your head & your eyes don’t quote follow at the same speed. The strangeness continued when Riblet stomped downstairs a full 10 minutes early ready to go……..#weird

Random thought: Being chauffeured around is cool. You should try it.

Shut up? This is a F3 backblast you say? Ok, ok………….

YHC & Riblet pulled into the AO, no pax in site. Might thiis be the morning we can go back home & go to sleep? Not a chance, @F3Tradition is STRONG & WILL show up!!! Grab the flags………WHO PUTS KB’S ON TOP OF OLD GLORY & THE TRADITION FLAG? $%^&*()_$%^&*(), set ’em up. Chaulk the pavement. Ah yeah, Bacon Brother Buckwheat in the house as is Triple Threat & the Pax keeps rolling in 15 Strong! Wait, Dingo is here for a Bacon Beatdown? #weird

LOT’S of jealous mumblechatter about my clipboard (other things too?). It’s an official F3 clipboard. Want one? I’ll send you my pay-pal link. #bacondontcare

Disclaimer- OYO, Modify, Not my fault, Not F3’s fault, we’ll get you help

Warmup 1: Mosey, High Knees, Centipede Mericans (YHC confused by 5 count cadence, press on instead, don’t let them see you sweat), Circle Up for Warm Up (welcome to Sensei, better late than never)

Warmup- SSH, Makhtar N’Diayes, Plank Jacks, Frankensteins (perfect timing for a near naked Major Pain to make his victory lap), Suicides out 3 Islands, Stop at Top of 4th, Mosey to Gazebo’s (that reminds me, where is @Gazebo?)

The Thang: A Gamma Pyramid (tribute to Harrisburg Master Q who always seemed to pull these WIB’s outta nowhere to beat the pax down)

Dericans, LBC’s, Dips, Box Jumps, Burpees

10 Sets: 1 reps, 2 reps, 3 reps…………up to 10 reps

At top of 6th Set- A “debris caution” to tighten up the field (really so I could catch back up with Blind Date & Triple Threat)¬†with Ring of Fire with Pax holding Al Gore’s & going counterclockwise each Pax would do 5 merican’s until everyone has finished doing their 5 merican’s

Continue with sets 6-10 (Mr. Belding smoked this routine finishing at least 2 sets ahead of the nearest PAX…TCLAPS!!)

Overachiever’s & Jelly Lubers Run a Lap Around Church waiting for Six (YHC) to finish

Run a lap around church. (yes, again, not my fault you ran 2x)

Ring of Fire with Pax holding Al Gore’s & going counterclockwise each Pax would do 10 LBC’s until everyone has finished doing their 5 LBC’s

Cool down lap around Church by all, stopping at far corner. Partner up with the guy who moseyed with you. Mosey long lap back to launch point. YHC has idea to sprint back, Triple Threat beats him down…. LOT’S of sandbagging going on during this lil’ jaunt…………..just saying.

Mary- Gas Pumps…..keep ’em up for Homer to Marge (YHC draws blank, pax helps get started), Squirm, LBC’s, 1 Min Elbow Plank

Countarama, Namearama, Lock Shields for @Royal Blessing


Great turnout by the Pax- thanks for coming out. It was an honor to lead.

@TeamBacon- thanks for your support each & every day. You hold me accountable & make me want to do more. Through all our BS you guys are really what keeps me hitting the gloom every morning.

@Pongo has the Q for Iron Fist at Tradition Tomorrow- come support him!!! (hybrid strength & boot camp workout)

@TrailMix has the Q @TheValley tomorrow. Want to run some “Bridges of Mecklenburg County”? Show to know!!! (running, usually 4-6 miles)

3 thoughts on “Bacon Beatdown

  1. Maximus_MECA

    Yes – an excellent beatdown and bb @ribshack. Lots of variety, new exercises, kept us moving, audibles. Audible even when the ao leader @dingo was part way through demoing his lbc form. When Cam Newton calls an audible the play is changed. Ditto for @ribshack. Lastly, Coach Rivera would have been very proud of the clipboard!

  2. BlindDate

    Great workout RibShack. There never was a dull moment. We definitely started the day out right with this beatdown. Maybe next time we should do some elbow planks….oh wait, we did plenty of those.

    Buckwheat’s mumble chatter started strong but it got pretty quiet by the time we started the ladder. Always a great indicator that the pax is enjoying the workout.

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