October “Old Glory” at Tradition

15 strong men from the Tradition and Precinct AOs gathered together in the gloom for Tradition’s monthly “You-vs-You” WIB (Workout In a Bag) … OLD GLORY. Two shovel flags were planted and the run began at 5:30am sharp! The plan was straightforward…push yourself as hard as you can for 30 minutes doing the following…

Start at Shovel Flag and run 1 mile loop. Then…

  1. Station #1: 20 x ‘Mericans (front/right corner of Church)
  2. Station #2: 20 x Jump Squats (back/right corner of Church)
  3. Station #3: 10 x Pull-ups (Outback)
  4. Station #4: 20 x WWII Sit-ups (near street)

Back to Shovel Flag  – That’s 1 round.

Rinse & repeat Stations 1-4 as many times as you can (the loop is 0.4 miles). Regroup at 6am, then finish with another 1 mile run, casual this time, front man carries Tradition’s Old Glory and six carries The Precinct’s Old Glory.

Results are posted HERE with your name and number of complete laps plus additional stations completed around the AO (rounded down to nearest quarter lap). Previous round totals are posted as well. Plan to beat your own record next month! As usual, these are intentionally not listed in order of who “won” because this event is not a competition with one another, but rather a true “You vs You” opportunity to push your own limits. Whether you did 1 full round or 5, the point was to do YOUR best. Great job by all!

6 thoughts on “October “Old Glory” at Tradition

  1. Man Down Post author

    Great to see everyone out there this morning! Remember that Beatdown Chowdown is THIS Saturday!

    1. King Louie

      If he’s counting too high, maybe this will make for extra bacon at the Beat Down Chowdown???

  2. King Louie

    Good to head out to Old Glory for the first time in forever. When I first started F3 I was doing Monday and Thursday one week then Tuesday and Friday the next. When I finally got out of doing manual labor for my job I upped it to just going Monday-Wednesday-Friday each week. I missed the past 3 days I would normally go due to stupid insomnia related exhaustion, and decided I was going to go Thursday and Friday this week. Had no clue Old Glory was today.

    And apparently my work computer isn’t allowed to access Google Docs as part of their internet protection.

  3. RibShack

    @Dingo- your score is off. I think you were going & coming enough (lapping & rewinding?) to rate at least a 4.0.

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