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In A Blaze Of Old Glory

14 mighty Pax didn’t let a little ice hinder them from conquering the gloom. Instead, they took to the streets, to the highways and byways and to the business park moving at record speeds. @ManDown unsurprisingly took off like a bat out The Meatloaf album. YHC ran with @Brutus for a few minutes but  alas, […]

Major Pain does Old Glory so fast, it looks like he’s running the wrong direction!

10 men gathered for Tradition’s monthly you vs you beatdown. It went something like this (or to be more accurate…. exactly like this): Run the Tradition Mile Circuit til 6AM: 20 Merkins 10 Pull Ups 20 Jump Squats 20 WWII Sit Ups Run a slow Tradition Mile as a group. Results are here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZOV2kIYB75J1XTf_4nZBf8EwZj5ILtFkCtZauxM7l5w/edit?usp=sharing Was […]

This ain’t no BBQ. Celebrating Old Glory as only the PAX can.

17 PAX took their DRP and entered the gloom this am.  YHC was not aware that it had rained the night before, which would only add to the delight of this morning’s festivities (#humidity #wetfield.)  A show of hands revealed pretty much all present were not familiar with “Old Glory,” well that was about to […]