September Murph

10 pax took on the September edition of The Murph at #Tradition. It went like this:

1 mile run
100 pull ups
200 mericans
300 air squats
1 mile run


T-claps to Innkeeper and Ajax who I believe completed their first murph. Strong work.

Raptor, although I know you won’t read this, this is the easiest workout to backblast. #justsaying

@Skipper and @Pharaoh decided 45 minutes is too much time to complete the murph, so they arrived late and finished early. #strong


@Major Pain wanted all to know that you weren’t experiencing an eclipse this morning. For those behind him, it was his back and shoulders blocking your view as he coasted through his runs.

Beatdown Chowdown at #Tradition on Saturday, October 10. HC on the preblast if you’re coming.

11 thoughts on “September Murph

  1. King Louie

    Wait, were we not supposed to do the sit ups? I didn’t remember hearing someone mention them, but saw others doing them so I did those as well.

    1. The Farm Post author

      LOL… King Louie has Jelly Lubed twice in four days. Once with the Friday KB workout and then this morning.

  2. Dingo

    I was doing sit-ups instead of squats because I’m nursing a knee injury. Not sure why anyone else was doing them??

  3. Skipper

    That’s funny stuff! Always great to sweat through a #Murph with a cadence group (@Pharaoh, @TheFarm, @AJAX, @Raptor). Speaking of sweat, that was a brutally hot one today compared to what I was getting used to in the recent gloom?! #bringonthecold


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