Up, Down and Over The Hill

So what do you get when you combine 16 men, a temperature of 59 degrees and a Q who is one day way from 45 years old?  Who the heck really knows?  This thing called F3 Nation is a motley crew of miscreants, but at the end of the day we are all better for it.  The Precinct #ShovelFlag planted, disclaimer given, the movie 300 quoted and we were off.

Short mosey to a different section of the parking lot strangely filled with buses.


  • SSH x 15 
  • IST x 15
  • Mountain Climber x 15
    • The PAX had a little trouble continuing the count at 16 during IST, but recovered nicely during Mountain Climber for a total of 45 reps counted
    • Dodged one bus with ease

Mosey to the hill beside the soccer field for…

The hill was traversed 5 times and 9 reps were completed at top and bottom for each of the following exercises.

1. Diamond Merkin
2. Carolina Dry Dock
3. Squat
4. Merkin
5. Derkin
6. Lunge
7. Wide Merkin
8. Incline Merkin
9. Jump Squat

Old men have to stretch, so Windmills or CottonPickers were done at the top and quad or calf stretch was done at the bottom to keep the PAX together while others finished their 45 reps for each of the 9 exercises.

The PAX finished running up the hill 23 times and down 22 way ahead of schedule.  YHC will reboot this in 5 years.  Then the reps will go up from today’s total of 405.  With almost 20 minutes left, the #downPAINments became spontaneous.

The PAX spread out across the parking lot in one line.  The instructions were to jump back and forth 5 times over the line then run to the next line on the parking lot and repeat for 9 lines total (45 jumps).  Coming back the 5 jumps over the line included a half turn at each of the 9 lines (shocker – 45 jumps).

Mosey to the concession stand and bathroom buildings.  45 LBCs on your on.  Partners selected.  Partner 1 ran around the building while partner 2 began Donkey Kicks and switching until a total of 45 total were completed.

Then partner 1 ran around building while partner 2 started the People’s Chair with Airpress.  The airpresses were done in slow, single count cadence.  Partners switched until 45 Airpresses were completed.

Repeato until 3 sets of each were complete and we began the mosey back for MARY.  The PAX was delayed slightly as YHC was almost convinced rounding up 45 of the geese would be challenging.  Instead the men begrudgingly completed 45 JumpUps from the parking lot to the sidewalk in cadence.  Mosey to MARY continued.


  • Low Flutter x 45
  • Pretzel Crunch X 23 on left side and 22 on right side
  • Plank Jack (non-elbow version) x 45 single count



  1. @Glock and @Thorn seem to set the pace for the all 45 times up and down the hill.  But great effort given by all the PAX.  We got stronger today!
  2. Gentlemen for those of you who had no idea we would do 9 different exercises on the hill and didn’t see 45 as a theme for that whole piece.  Be advised, school is back in.  Start recognizing patterns.  For those of you who are on the #StruggleBus in the math department Nick Jr has a show called Team Umizoomi that will help with counting and pattern recognition.  #PublicServiceAnnouncement  #RemedialMath
  3. If some of you notice you are uncharacteristically drifting to the left throughout the day, it is because your left obliques are much stronger due to the extra rep.  YHC recommends you give the right oblique 1 extra Pretzel Crunch to even it out.  @Chowder has coupons for the new chiropractor of the month from the #FlyerGraveyard beneath his mail box should your symptoms remain or get worse.
  4. F3 Nation needs to challenge the Cricket players to a game.   YHC watched it once while eating Indian food at the restaurant on Prosperity Church.  Happy to serve as captain next week!
  5. “This will not be over quickly.  You will not enjoy this” – this quote from 300 rattles around in my head most mornings in the gloom.
  6. Tclaps to @SwampThing for getting my laptop connected during #Coffeeteria.
  7. Tclaps to @Chowder for coaching YHC up on proper #BackblastBanter as well as contributing.
  8. Remember @Google who lost his father yesterday.

Always an honor to lead the PAX and thanks for joining me for a little #BirthdayBeatdown!