Fractions are hard while Q’ing at Tradition

This morning started off great in terms of preparedness.  Leave the house on time.  Check!  Grab kettle bells.  Check!  Grab watch.  Check!  Grab weinke.  Check!  Arrive early.  Check!  However, if there’s one thing I’ve learned over this past year, it’s that you can never be fully prepared for the Tradition mumble chatter machine!  When YHC arrived and saw @Dingo, @Jelly, @Buckwheat, and @Coyote with 17 other men and I’d planned less mumble chatter slayers (aka burpees), I knew my hands would be full.  This is what happened!

Warm Up Mosey…at this point the mumble chatter began about getting wet and asking if we could move.

Michael Phelps
Arm Circles

The pax wanted to move and I aim to please…

The Thang:

Rack KB and Mosey to Haunted Daycare.  Stop at the wall for Air Chairs for 1 min

Rack KB and Mosey to Haunted Daycare

20 KB Merkins (10 each arm)

Mosey down hill and back up

20 KB Merkins (10 each arm)
20 KB Sumo Squats

Mosey down hill and back up

20 KB Merkins (10 each arm)
20 KB Sumo Squats
20 KB Upright Rows

Mosey down hill and back up

20 KB Sumo Squats
20 KB Upright Rows

Mosey down hill and back up

20 KB Upright Rows

The horseshoe caused lots of confusion within the pax including YHC.  30 *3 equals…150?  This math is perfectly acceptable at 5:45am.  Ten is a number we can all count to so…10 Burpees OYO

Partner Up (3)

One Partner always walking with KB extended

Round 1:
Partner 1 does curls
Partner 2 does Goblet Squats

Round 2:
Partner 1 does shoulder presses
Partner 2 does KB burpees

Rack KB and Mosey to Wall for Air Chairs with KB for 1 min

Mosey to the Outback.  You guys don’t know how much I miss the pull up bars at Tradition.  I can’t wait till we figure something out at Davis Lake.  And I’m loving burpees these days.  So 10 burpee pull-ups OYO.  Modify if needed.  Unless you’re @Dingo.

Back to parking lot for Mary:

10 KB LBCs
10 KB Mason Twists
10 KB Derby Double Taps



1)  Always a good time at Tradition.  You guys always make me laugh and I appreciate it..including the mumble chatter.

2)  Thanks to King Julian for taking us out today.  You are ready to lead brother…I’m not the only one that sees it as you heard today from a few Tradition pax.  Sign up.  It’s a lot of fun!  Me or another man will co-Q with you.  Just ask!

3)  Tradition has grown so much over the past year!  20+ guys at a KB workout?!  I was looking at some of the past KB beatdowns for ideas and came across @Gentle Grizzly’s VQ and the picture he took to go with it.  A few of us remember that.  To go from THAT to 22 men is incredible.  Keep it up when the weather cools down.  I made huge gains this past winter!


My one year anniversary beatdown is tomorrow at Davis Lake.  Come on out.  If you don’t come to Davis Lake, go to MCP…or Harrisburg…or Concord…or any workout.  Just post!

If you do come to Davis Lake, be sure to wish King Julian a Happy Birthday!

HDHH is this coming Wednesday at Carolina Ale House.

33 thoughts on “Fractions are hard while Q’ing at Tradition

    1. Forgotten Jelly

      Yeah, I’m a little concerned about you grabbing your weinke. What you do with your M is your own business brother.

    2. Osceola

      @TheFarm – Mad props for being the first QIC to actually spell my name right…and yeah…good workout too :).

  1. Dingo

    Tough workout brother! I was dragging this morning. The humidity was just awful. The mumblechatter was fun!

    And yes…..i jelly lubed the burpee pull-ups! But I did do 10 nice slow full extension pull ups! So maybe it wasn’t such a big jelly lube…..

  2. Man Down

    @Farm, there’s a Proverb that says, “Wounds from a friend can be trusted.” Know that you have LOTS of “friends” at Tradition! 😀

  3. Forgotten Jelly

    I enjoyed it this morning. It was a good workout. It’s great to see so many guys out there. @Farm, for some reason, my mumblechatter really picks up when you or @belding take the Q.

  4. Buckwheat

    T-Claps @The Farm for your anniversary week Q tour! Will be at DL tomorrow to celebrate w/ you, hopefully with an FNG!

    As my M has been out of town for a few days, and I have 2.0 duty, I missed you guys the past two days. One day I fartsacked and the other day I did a solo MARSOC Short Card beat down in my driveway. That sucked solo. #missedtheaccountabilityofF3. Sorry to take that out on you @The Farn w/ a little, err ALOT of mumble chatter today, brother!

    @Coyote- The 50lb KB just plain sucks and is going to take some getting use to!

    @Forgotten Jelly, way to step up your game and move up in weight! @The Farm may follow suit after today…. There are several others that could stand to move up as well. If you can complete all the reps at these beatdowns with your current KB weight, you can easily move up 5-10 lbs. let’s go guys!!!

    1. Forgotten Jelly

      Thanks brother. I let dingo talk me into the 40 lb KB. I can tell you that I definitely can’t max out the reps. Glad I made the move though.

    2. The Farm Post author

      Yep it’s definitely time! Will move up to a KB that’s 23 and 1/3% of my weight.

  5. Buckwheat

    @King Julian. You are definitely ready lead brother. I’m scheduled to W at Davis Lake next Thursday and would be more than happy to do a co-Q with you. Just Lmk if you’re interested.

  6. Maximus_MECA

    Great beatdown @thefarm and poise under mumble chatter to continue on plan. Lots of laughs which is great. Also – I appreciated @thefarm your introduction of a new metric; kettlebell weight used/body weight = x% (total strength indicator). Interesting you would come up with that metric.

  7. Buckwheat

    Yeah, I gave in to Coyotes peer pressure myself.Don’t worry, I’m going to buy Dingo a 50 today since he’s scared to do it on his own…

  8. GAM

    I still think that new Kettlebell weight metric is a Little Biased. Not gonna lug around a 75lb kettle bell just to say i got the biggest Bells.

  9. Buckwheat

    GAM you can carry around whatever size bell you want. I’m pretty sure no one will say anything to you about it!

  10. GentleGrizzly

    @Farm – Thanks for remembering my lone Q. It’s much better to workout with 20+ men in the gloom. Nice job this morning. It was nice to be back out there after missing the first 4 days this week due to sickness. Hope to be there tomorrow to celebrate 1 year with you.

    @PAX – I may move up in KB weight, so if you want to buy a used 35lb bell let me know. I’ll be waiting til they go on sale again but we can work something out.

    1. The Farm Post author

      Grizzly, I’ll take a look at it soon. I’m getting pressured to move up to a 35 lb KB which means I would have a spare 25 and 30 to add to my collection.

  11. Dick Tracy

    I am late to the game on this, but @The Farm got absolutely brutalized by the Pax on this workout. Now, mind you, some of this was warranted … but he never let the mumble chatter get to him. Nice work, Farm!

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