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B.O.M.B.S. RS Edition

12 brave Pax defeated the ole FS and were ready for their dose of the DRP.   0530 hit, minimal disclaimer given and off we went. PAX: Detention, Khumo, Greek, Backstop, Loveseat, Manwhich, MC, Sugar, Steel Kannon, Pox, Master Po Q:LifeAlert Warmarama Mosey to the hoops court for:: SSH x 10IC 1 burpee PP x 10 […]

Three Tradition Men Who Have Bells

Three Traditioners came out today to show off their bells. @Frostbite and YHC arrived with a few minutes to spare, watching the lone coffee runner finally get joined by 2 others. After a brief mosey, the two of us started Warmorama, where Guinness joined us halfway through. Warmorama SSH x 15 IST x 10 Hillbilly […]

52 Kettlebell Exercises…

…okay, maybe it was only 11, but I had The Book of 52 by Greg Brookes ready to go if I ran out of options. Fortunately for the 5 of us, what I had prepared was plenty enough! KB Warmorama: Do each exercise one side/direction x20, then flapjack) Slingshot Halo Figure 8 Single-arm Deadlift Windmill […]

Guns ‘n Poker…Kettlebell Style 🔫🃏

Two Pax got SWOLE as they flexed their Guns and played a little cards with Kettlebells. Warmorama: Side Straddle Hop Seal Jack Hillbilly Imperial Squat Walker Mountain Climbers Plank Jack Peter Parker Parker Peter Superman Plank The Thang: Dealer’s Moleskin: Thanks for joining me Frostbite! Strong work today! It all starts with Showing Up. 💪🏼 […]

Your Kettlebell Missed You Titan

Check The Tradition SUG to see if anyone is Qing the Kettlebell workout. See “Titan” listed and make plans to swing some metal with him. Arrive at Tradition AO to an empty parking lot. Try to recall what kind of car Titan drives as some of the Valley runners arrive. Consider joining World Famous Coffee […]