Hooah! Army PFT

Ahoy and Hooah!  The 3rd installment of the military fitness tests at #Tradition occurred today with the Army PFT (physical fitness test).  These military fitness tests are a great way to gauge your fitness throughout the year and get a taste of the standards required by our military brethren.  33 men of #Tradition, #ThePrecinct, #Highlands, and #DavisLake tested themselves and the results are below.

The PFT:

Max # Push-ups in 2 minutes

Max # Sit-ups in 2 minutes

2.0 mile run

Results in alphabetical order; you can use the calculator at (http://apftcalculator.com/) or the chart at (http://www.military.com/military-fitness/army-fitness-requirements/army-physical-fitness-test-score-chart) to score your own results.

Name Age Push Up Sit Up Run Time
Arty 44 72 41 18:47
Blind Date 39 63 35 16:26
Blood Sport 47 66 67 17:08
Closer 31 59 65 17:21
Coyote 24 50 43 19:04
Dick Tracy 39 19 24 24:11
Dingo 37 53 47 17:14
Dutch 53 62 63 17:48
Farm 33 60 40 17:23
Forgotten Jelly 37 70 40 14:44
GAM 32 20 25 29:30
Gangsta’s Paradise 27 54 50 23:40
Gazebo 38 44 29 20:15
Guiness 52 66 57 18:37
Iron Wolf 37 51 46 18:01
Kemosabe 43 67 61 24:15
Man Down 41 60 60 15:20
ONJ 56 38 22 22:30
Raptor 53 43 55 18:47
Seeker 36 44 29 18:31
Sensei 60 25 15 22:50
Sid 38 48 29 22:45
Soundwave 31 17 20 29:40
Tie Dye 21 58 45 15:51
Trail Mix 32 62 55 15:06
Triple Threat 32 50 28 22:32
Two Face 15 61 32 18:02
White Out 19 25 34 24:00
Wigwam 51 30 15


Green Beret Moleskin:

1.  Awesome effort by all men this morning!  Isn’t it amazing how hard an Army sit-up is?  We need to add this into our regular Mary routine. #practicehowyouplay

2.  T-Claps to @TrailMix who helped me compile the scores. It’s not his fault, but I think we might be missing a couple pax on the list?  Sound off in the Comments if you were missed. #33inCOT?

3.  Disclaimer: If you finished the run with @TheFarm calling out your time there is a good chance that you ran about 1 minute 30 seconds faster than he said.  No, he’s not trying to discourage you.  There was a slight technical malfunction with the timer, cobains. #iPhonepasswordlock

4.  T-Claps to @TieDye for sharing info about his upcoming mission trip (2 years to Taiwan) and for praying us out in COT.  Please go to his website (http://www.summitrdu.com/connect/college/go-now-initiative/) to learn more. Prayers and donations are requested. #HIM

5.  Special prayers and thanks to all men and women who are currently serving our country in the Army!  Let’s do this again in about 3 months. #USMCstyle


Skipper and The Farm

30 thoughts on “Hooah! Army PFT

  1. Man Down

    Great turnout this morning! @Sid, great partnering with you for the pushup/situp medley. Those Army situps are indeed tough…but not as tough as that 2-mile run. @Skipper neglected to post his own stats which would have blown all of us away. @atrue”yhc”

  2. Skipper Post author

    FYI. @TieDye’s hospital name is Clay Perry and the website for making donations to his 2 year Taiwan mission trip is summitrdu.com/supporttaiwanteam #heiscalled

  3. Gangsta's Paradise

    This was an awesome turnout and gauge of my personal fitness – definitely need work on the running. It is humbling to know what standards are required of our military members. Thanks for leading @Skipper!

    @Kemosabe – good running with you this morning!

  4. Gangsta's Paradise

    @Coyote – awesome push and encouragement bro! Your speed was definitely showing on that run!

  5. Forgotten Jelly

    Great showing this morning and good job by all. Those situps are terrible. My score was good for the pushups and running, but horrible for the situps. I think if I could have done the air force situp I would have done better because we are used to that. Oh well.

    @skipper and @thefarm – thanks for leading this again. It’s always a fun way to see how we stack up throughout the year.

    @skipper – way to push on that run. When you came by Man Down and myself at about the 0.5 mark, you were moving. The thing is, you didn’t seem to slow down while the rest of us did. Impressive!

    One other thing, I didn’t see @skipper’s stats above. Hmmm? Share brother.

  6. BlindDate

    Enjoyed it. Thanks for leading us @Skipper and @TheFarm. The sit-ups were no joke. My legs were burning after those. Definitely gives all of us an appreciation for the sacrifices both mentally and physically that our military personnel put themselves through every day.

  7. Skipper Post author

    I was too busy #clipboarding and timing to fill out a results sheet, but I was probably 60 push-ups, 50 sit-ups and 14:05 run. #plentyofroomtoimprove

  8. Bloodsport

    This is truly a great plan to honor vets and current military… I left the army in 2013 so it’s been a while since I had done an apft. Results weren’t what I wanted )not bad given the age curve)… But not an excuse! Plenty of room for improvement and having just rented American Sniper looking forward to the usmc version

    1. Forgotten Jelly

      First, thanks for your service. Second, what are you talking about? Your results are pretty good brother. Fourth highest on pushups, highest on situps, and a respectable time on the 2-mile. That’s pretty impressive.

    2. The Farm

      The USMC one will suck. We’re gonna have to do that one on a Saturday… Let’s get it scheduled Skipper!

  9. Bloodsport

    What do you mean @The Farm just another mile and a bunch of pull-ups!! @kemosabe is ready to run now 🙂

  10. GentleGrizzly

    Come on @Skipper, Thanks for leaving me off the list. (I didn’t turn in my paper, so probably my fault) I’m 29, 42 Push-ups, 20 Sit Ups, 16:06 run. Those push ups were very hard for me, but I kept good form for those 20. I saw some hands coming apart, just saying. Call me the form police if you want.

  11. The Farm

    Where is Hot Boys. That’s not a name you forget and I definitely remember him being there!

    Those sit ups sucked. Legs were killing me afterwards. I didn’t even try to do much more than the min to pass those. T-claps to those that did.

    USMC is next in October. I’m thinking on a Saturday…see you men there!

  12. The Farm

    Also, for those who didn’t catch it, Skipper’s performance today was preceded by him running 17 miles total yesterday morning to make the Skywalker COT. #strong

    1. BlindDate

      Knowing @Skipper, he probably ran those 17 miles while sporting his weight vest. For those of you not familiar with Skybrook, it is quite hilly towards the clubhouse which makes it even more impressive. @Skipper = “Beast Mode”

  13. Dingo

    Thanks for leading that Skipper! It was simply hard! I was a complete muscle fatigue on the push ups, couldn’t have done another one if I’d wanted to. Thanks for checking my form. Being forced to get nice and low on the push-ups is excruciating! The sit-ups were just plain awful! I could not keep my hands behind my head. And yes grizzly, I rested in the down position……my bad for not listening to Q’s instructions. They were still awful……

    And running 2 miles just sucks.

    Big shout out to Dutch and Bloodsport on the run! You can’t jelly lube running and you guys killed it!!

    Huge TCLAPS to jelly on the run! You are fast brother!

  14. Gazebo

    Good job by all, thank you Skipper and The Farm!! I checked my scores and I failed!!! I will need to press harder and get ready for the next one, are we doing the USMC PFT or the newer CFT-Combat Fitness Test?

    1. Forgotten Jelly

      My vote would be for the USMC PFT, not the CFT. Not sure how people would feel if we started shooting guys all over the place. 😉

  15. The Farm

    FYI men, the apt calculator is configured for an AIT passing score in which you have to score a minimum of 60 points for each section. The basic requirements are that you score 50 or above in each category. @Blind Date and I talked about this this morning. Recheck your scores to see if you passed!

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