F3 Dads-Bears, Water, and Pancakes

About 100 F3 Dads and 2.0’s came together to find a few bears, play some water games, and enjoy some fellowship with pancakes and bacon.

Mosey to the baseball outfield and circle up.
SSH x 20
IST x 15
Prisoner squats x 15
Mtn. Climbers x 15

The Thang
Split the pax into two groups.
Group one went on a bear hunt taking the trail around the baseball field. At each bear station the group did
kid chest presses (kids did air presses)
Merkins (everyone oyo)
piggy back squats (kids did squats)
Kid carry to the next station
There were four stations and the reps increased by five at each station (5,10,15,20 reps of each exercise)
At station 4 instead of kid carry, jailbreak back to the field.
Circle up for more Merkins, squats,and LBC’s x 10

While waiting for group one to return, group two had a water bucket relay. The group split up into five teams and raced to fill their empty buckets. 50 yard sprint, fill cup, run back and dump in bucket. While waiting their turn the teams were suppose to be alternating between Merkins, squats and LBC’s. When time was called the team that filled the bucket the highest did 5 burpees. The other teams did 6 burpees.

Once group one was back group 2 went on a bear hunt and group 1 water relayed.

We then brought the pax back together for the ever popular Noah’s Ark: bear crawls, crab walk, starfish hop, sloth walk, frog jump, jumping spider.
Then we played Sharks and minnows. First two rounds the kids were the Sharks. When a dad was tagged they then moved to the sideline, first round was burpees (oyo), second round Merkins (oyo) until all dads where caught. Round three Dads where Sharks, kids tagged moved to the sideline for SSH until everyone was tagged.

LBC’s x 10
Low flutter x 10
The W x 10
Reverse crunch x 10
Superman-Banana x 5


1. Thank you to Sid Vicious for the co-Q and all for coming out and bringing your 2.0’s. Goal was for them to have fun and then you guys to get a workout.
2. Huge thank you to our Chef’s: Clueless, Othello, Wildcat, Shameless, Liverwurst, SSMinnow, TBone, MKlump. To quote Clueless “they never quit, but adapt and overcome was in full effect”.
3. Another huge thank you to Gamma and MGamma and in a round about way Starsky for the coffee and the ever important generator. Do we have a new Starsky word – a Starsky power-up.
4. Thank you to MTumbler for taking pictures for the group. We will be posting those some where soon.
5. Have a great Father’s Day weekend and we will see you in the gloom.


5 thoughts on “F3 Dads-Bears, Water, and Pancakes

  1. Joseph Michalski Post author

    Thanks to everyone for coming out. Somehow my pax list got wet… Chaos. Sound off below if you where there with your 2.0’s.

  2. Gamma

    @Tumbler – great job by you and @SidVicious. I think all cadence should be done by counting slices of bacon going forward (hat tip to your 2.0). Thanks again for taking the lead.

    Breakfast was a huge hit, thanks to @Clueless spearheading the effort and all the chefs mentioned. Can’t wait for the “kegs and eggs” @ColMustard promised at the next Dads workout at MCP.

  3. BBQ

    Awesome F3 Dads @Tumber and @Sid Vicious! 2.0 (@Sauce) and I had a blast. Liked the water relay.

  4. Clueless

    Great time had by my 3 2.0’s Saturday! They’re ready for another one next weekend… Thanks for showing them a good time @Tumbler and @SidVicious!

    Also, a big thanks to all for the cooking, supplies, food, and drink help to pull off a breakfast for 100.

  5. Chowder

    HUGE T-claps to the H’burg PAX. You guys killed it from a fun, well-organized and well-led workout to the fantastic hospitality of an awesome breakfast. Can’t imagine the logistics requirements of that one. Great job fellas! Thanks for hosting all of us and giving us a chance for some quality time with the 2.0s on Fathers Day weekend. Greatly appreciated!

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