American Sniper “The Legend”Workout – Tribute work out to Chris Kyle

14 F3 Brothers posted for beautiful morning beatdown!

After reading the book, watching the movie and documentary, YHC was moved to put some sort of workout together that would honor his service and sacrifice to our nation and remember his family as well. The workout is to include key elements of his service record which are:

The Legend Workout – named after Chris Kyle -American Sniper


4 tours of duty

160 + confirmed kills

Longest distance to kill target: 1.2 miles

husband to Taya and father of two children.

Warmorama: SSH, CP, Peter Parker, Merks : all x12 IC, supermans : 10 count

The Legend Workout: Total running distance of 1.2 miles with 5 stops (4 at 1/4 mile each, final stop at .2 miles = 1.2 miles – longest distance to kill target.)

Each of 4 stops represents a tour of duty, Each stop to have 4 exercises at 20 count IC =40 total per exercise

SEAL – each exercise to begin with the letter.

S  Squats. – air,  or SSH – all IC x 20 ( 40 total)

E xtended leg lunges. 20 per leg. ( low and slow – walk out 20 lunges each leg- walk back 20 lunges)

A mericans. -Regular stance 0r staggered stance: all IC x20  ( 40 total)

L   LBC’s  – little baby crunches, extended LBC’s or reverse LBC’s: all IC x20  ( 40 total)

Each stop with these 4 exercises will give you 160 reps per stop = 160 Confirmed kills.

Run  1/4 mile – stop for tour 1, run 1/4 mile – stop for tour 2, run 1/4 mile – stop for tour 3, run 1/4 mile – stop for tour 4.

Finally – run . 2 miles stop for 3 sets of 10: Heels to Heaven to honor and remember his wife Taya and their two boys sons.

End of “The Legend”. ( this can be done in a 45 minute workout – if you keep it moving along).

MARY – PAX led

Alcatraz – Elbow plank Jacks

Avalanche – Low Flutter in honor of Major Pain’s commitment to 500 low flutters challenge- Major is a Pain = whether he is there or not — 50 by Avalanche – Brutal brother… great job!

Kool-Aid – Extended LBC’s

ONJ – J Lo’s – shake it like you just don’t care! including a unique variation on the cadence – Great job ONJ!



naked moleskin-

great work by all, and thanks for the opportunity to introduce ” the Legend” – He was a great American hero and the book/ movie/documentary were a moving and powerful example of total commitment and sacrifice for a noble and worthy cause – such as our Freedom!

Thanks to all the pax who encouraged the 6 today!  I remember when I was in the back of the pack – and glad to have someone come along side to encourage and inspire… we were not made to do life alone guys- Pass on the benefits of F3 to others.

Praying that we will also exert similar discipline to our spiritual, mental, emotional and financial health as we do to our physical health! #healthbalanceforthebestlife.


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  1. Gordo

    @dutch – thanks for leading and putting it together. The multiple squat and lunges throughout the session are still making me walk like an old man on Monday night. Thanks!

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