4 Square of SWAT on the 4th of May

8 of  F3’s finest came ready w/ KB’s and one enormous dumbbell in hand  – ready to get the day and week started out w/ some good strong KB work… and also incorporating Dingo’s month of Curl up challenge – working for that six pack summer!

Disclaimer- with a short mosey around church

Warmorama –  SSH,  Windmills, Peter Parkers, Cotton Pickers : all IC x12, Arm circles, Sooo bigs-

Then on to our first round of Curl ups – 30 seconds AYG

The Thang –  4 Exercises , 4 Corners, in increments of 4 – on the 4th of May.

Round 1 : reps of 4-8-12-16 –

Corner1 : KB swing then rack KB to:

C2: for Squat Press then farmer carry KB to:

C3: for Upright Pulls then rack KB to:

C4: for Goblin Squats

Repeato up to: 8-12-16 – then circle up for 1 minute of Curl ups – Partner 1 – holds feet, P2 AYG for Curls ups.

Round 2 : reps of 4-8-12-16 –

Corner1 : Chest Press w/ Flutter then rack KB to:

C2: for skull crusher w/ Hello Dolly then farmer carry KB to:

C3: for Derby Double Taps then rack KB to:

C4: for Mason Twists

Wrap up w/ 30 seconds of Curl ups AYG and finally Airborne mind bender– Time 6:14.



Naked Moleskin: Great workout and effort guys -This one turned out to be tougher than it looked on paper – the paper that Dutch couldn’t read w/o  a little help from a friendly PAX – #Jellyvision.

T Claps to all !  way push thru the last 16 reps strong- especially Preschool w/ a monster 45# dumbell – who he was beating in to submission on those Derby double taps!

Prayers for Tomlin ( Groves family previously from IDH Baptist) and his family – as his wife was diagnosed w/ stage 3 colon cancer – 2 young kids – thankfully they have the love and support of family / church in Texas.

Prayers for those effected by Nepal earthquake – for the recovery efforts and spiritual support for those in need.

Praise report – Urlacher and his wife are new parents- a  2.0 – little boy! Congrats to the Garver family. Will Dingo offer a pass for the Tue/Thurs. bootcamp challenge? or will prison fruit take the prize… if he doesn’t fartsack … stay tuned….

May 9 Men’s Bkfst Stonebridge church – 7:30- 9:30 am

May 9: F3 Family Picnic at MCP starting at 11:00am



6 thoughts on “4 Square of SWAT on the 4th of May

    1. Dutch Post author

      I somehow knew you’d say that. Let’s see if fruit boy shows and completes the full workout 🙂

      1. Dutch Post author

        I wouldn’t count urlacher out yet though… If you time it right with a sleep pattern he may just show! That would be serious commitment to F3 brother!

  1. Maximus_MECA

    Nice beatdown @Dutch! Great job in describing how F3 has improved your physique for your M. Let’s see – first you were less “pudgy”, then you had increased “endurance”, now you will soon have have a “six-pack” stomach! Way to go!

  2. Forgotten Jelly

    Nice workout this morning Dutch. It’s been a long time since I’ve done a kettlebell workout. Definitely felt it.

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