Rising to the challenge

21 men joined in for a chilly beatdown this morning. YHC sent out a tweet last night with the goal of pushing people to show up on a colder morning.

– SSH X 15
– IST X 15
– Cotton Picker x 15

The Thang
– Indian Run to Fence
– Derkins: 10 bottom rail, 8 middle rail, 5 top rail, 8 middle rail, 10 bottom rail
– Indian Run to playground

– At this point Google almost runs us over

– Three exercises at playground
– Pullups x 10
– Dips x 10
– WWII situps x 10
– Repeato for three total rounds

– Mosey to Rocks
– Curls x 15
– Shoulder Press x 15
– Squat x 15
– Chest Press x 15
– Pullover x 15
– Repeat for three total rounds

– Mosey to soccer field and big hill
– 10 to 1 ladder (burpees at top, WWII situps at bottom)

– Partner up for some partner carry racing

– PAX led Mary for several exercises, can’t remember them all

– Always an honor to lead the PAX, especially on a Saturday.
– Nice push by all this morning. I put the 10 to 1 ladder at the end on purpose. I hope everyone felt it like I did.
– Welcome to Pom Pom. Nice work this morning.
– Have a great Valentine’s Day everyone. Do something nice for your M.

8 thoughts on “Rising to the challenge

    1. Forgotten Jelly Post author

      Glad you enjoyed it brother. It definitely hurt me. That and the derkins ladder I did at the beginning. It’s amazing that forgetting to include LBCs between each set of derkins does. My triceps are definitely feeling it.

  1. Paul Brown

    Thanks for welcoming the FNG! For some reason that acronym sounds like a derogatory statement…Not sure if Pom Pom is any better! Either way, see you guys again soon….

    1. Forgotten Jelly Post author

      Who’s Paul Brown? Don’t know that person. Is this the same Paul Brown who’s name is actually Pom Pom?

        1. Forgotten Jelly Post author

          That was a hint for you to change your name from Paul Brown to Pom Pom. You should be able to do it in settings.

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