Air Force Physical Fitness Test

What’s a great way to gauge your current fitness level and set a benchmark for the year?  How about a fitness test.  @TheFarm had the idea and @Skipper hopped on board.  Today was the first installment of the #Tradition Military Fitness Test, which will occur every 3 months and rotate between the military service’s fitness tests.  Might as well start with the Air Force since it is the best!  #whosaideasiest?

Air Force PFT Components:

Push Ups (Max reps in 1 minute)

Sit Ups (Max reps in 1 minute time)

Body Comp (Waist Measurement in Inches)

1.5 mile run (Run Time)

Scores are calculated from the components above and are based on your age.  You can find the score calculation sheets at

To pass you must have a composite score of 75.0 and meet minimum requirements for each component. Min requirements can be found at

Below are the pax that passed the test and their scores. If your name is not listed then you were below minimum on one or more of the components, or you didn’t turn in a score sheet.

Scoring Results:

Pharaoh = 98.4 #nomistake #respect

Striker = 97.4

Man Down = 96.2

Guinness = 95.1

Dutch = 94.7

Axe Effect = 94.1

Bootstrap = 91.9

Raptor = 91.0

Trail Mix = 90.1

Charmin = 90.0

According to AF Standards scores of 90 or above are considered “Excellent” and only require testing once per year, everyone else tests every 6 months.

Chicken Strip = 89.2

Iron Wolf = 85.7

Maximus = 83.4

Kemosabe = 81.3

BabyPie = 79.8

The Farm = 78.3

Closer = 76

PFT Moleskin:

1. T-Claps to @GentleGrizzly who came out to help time and score the test and is currently on the IR recovering from knee surgery.  Hope to see you exercising in the gloom soon!  #butnottoosoon #healwell

2. Special thanks to @Bootstrap who led Mary while the Qs worked on scoring. The pax enjoyed Low Flutter, W, Homer to Marge, Freddie Mercury, and Stretching. #hardcore

3. The Air Force sit up is a killer!  In order to max out the reps for the sit ups, you have to practice the AF sit up.  I do Mary 4-5 times per week, but if I don’t practice the AF sit up a few weeks prior to a fitness test then I might fail.  Perfect example from today’s test, @Bootstrap had an “Excellent” score 91.9, but had he done 1 sit up less, he would have failed. @ForgottenJelly and @PrisonFruit fell into that trap too, both had passing scores (>75), but failed to do the minimum number of sit ups. #firewood

4. The next test will be the Navy PFT and it is currently scheduled for April 21st. This time we’ll get the min and max requirements out ahead of time so you know what to shoot for. #target

5. Thanks to @The Farm for taking us out in COT and he wanted to add a special thanks to the USAF men and women that sacrifice for us each day so that we can enjoy our freedom.

Ahoy! err, Aim High!

Skipper, The Farm, Gentle Grizzly

15 thoughts on “Air Force Physical Fitness Test

  1. Skipper Post author

    Excellent effort by all pax today! I heard @Striker’s footsteps the whole run and then he took me on the final 1/4 mile. But young gun @AxeEffect was just playing with us as he sprinted to beat us both in the last 100m. #punk

    1. Striker

      @skipper, it’s a humbling experience to be passed like your standing still… @Ace Effect, where did you come from?

    2. Charmin

      @Skipper – Thought it was a great idea. It has been a long time since I tried to max out merkins, situps and a half mile run. Always nice to add the element of being ranked. It was a great motivator. Looking forward to the next one.

  2. Forgotten Jelly

    Nice job today by all. It was tougher than I had anticipated. I was on track to make the minimum for situps, but hit the wall and was done.

    Special shout out to @skipper, @thefarm, @gentlegrizzly.

  3. The Farm

    Thanks for posting Skipper. Man…that was harder than I thought it would be. I barely squeaked by. Shout out to Dutch who exhibited a perfect example of #Iamthird by helping a brother up that tripped on the uneven cement and then, after making sure he was ok, proceeded to dust YHC (who is 20 years his junior) during the second .75 miles of the run to post an impressive score. I noticed and I thought that was awesome. Also, I was @Pharoah’s partner and that score is legit. #legend

  4. Pharaoh

    @TheFarm, @Skipper, @GentleGrizzly – Thanks for running this workout, it was fun! Thanks to @ChickenStrips and @ManDown for pacing/pushing me on the run!
    TClaps to all of the #Respect Pax!!!!

    1. Chicken Strip

      @Pharaoh Likewise! Once I reached the halfway point and say it was you and @ManDown right behind me I knew I had my work cut out for me on the 2nd half.

      Awesome work @TheFarm, @Skipper, and @GentleGrizzly! Thanks for taking all the time to organize and plan it. It’s nice to have these baseline workouts so you can measure your improvement. Here’s to making a 90 next time!

  5. Bootstrap

    @Skipper thanks for bringing it to us. I will admit that I thought “how hard can this be?” Much harder than expected

    @striker thanks for making me feel like I was standing still on the second .75

    1. Gump

      who is this Pax that calls himself @Bootstrap?? @Charmin said he gave up on you.. I know it could not be true that you had turned into a lazy company man..

  6. Man Down

    Thanks for putting this together! Skipper, I didn’t see your name in the scoring results and I know you were haulin’ out there. Trying not to shame us all?

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