Monthly Murph

9 PAX dawned the cooler gloom to partake in the monthly addition of The Murph

Brief explanation as the last few stragglers roll into the parking lot and off we go for the following addition of The Murph

Run 1 mile

100 pullups

200 merkins

300 air squats

Run 1 mile

Circle up for a little Mary while we wait on the 6


-@The Nanny…one second…just one freakin second is all that stood between you and the sub 6 minute mile…always next time.  Maybe if @Stoli would have been on time he could have been your pacer but we will never know until next month

-@Red Ryder…glad to see you back and at it again brother…we have missed you and are excited to see you back in good health ready to beat yourself down in the gloom

@Pax…great effort by all this morning…might be the fastest that we have had the whole PAX complete the Murph…I showed right at 40 minutes according to the time i was keeping

5 thoughts on “Monthly Murph

  1. Bootstrap Post author

    Great effort by all the morning. For some reason this morning seemed harder then usual…oh we’ll always next month.

  2. Dropcloth

    Concur @Bootstrap this month seemed hard although we did do it in a relatively quick time.

    @Nanny you appeared to be shot out of a cannon this morning. You were flying on that first mile – can’t believe you missed by 1 second. Probably one to many smores this past weekend.

    @Colonel, @Derby and @Stoli – impressive showing during the pull ups – unassisted for that many sets is strong!

  3. Stoli

    1. I was there on time, Mr. Bootstrap.
    2. I penalized myself by running around that circle.
    3. The Nanny was so far in front it didn’t matter. (Chowder, The Nanny took your comments to heart and put on a show this morning.)
    4. I thought we were supposed to use this as a guage of our improvement? I took 3 steps back today!

  4. The Nanny

    @Bootstrap. Thx for taking the lead this morning.

    Agree with comments above…you guys that can do all or even most of the pull-ups unassisted…mad respect. My pull-up strength is sad right now…so are the Mericans. If only there was some sort of Merican challenge to push me to the next level.

  5. Chowder

    Two things:
    1) To set the record straight, @Colonel deserves credit for calling @Nanny out on the Murph the night before… sounds like there was no half-a$$ing it on his way to a… what??!! 6:01 first mile? Yikes.
    2) @Nanny, since we discussed it this weekend and you’re conveniently dropping it into the comments here… I’ll take the bait. Merkvember 10k anyone?

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