Blatant Thievery at El Dorado

Yes, this is late, but at least it’s posted.  Since it was Labor Day, YHC thought we took the day off from work.  14 PAX partnered up with other thoughts in mind for a not-so-inconspicuous rip-off from the previous week’s Muthaship adventure (which interestingly WAS taking the day off.)  Shovel Flag was planted and the labor began, a little something like this…

The Thang:
Partner up
Run the Mantrip Mile to the North Deck
– 20 Partner Derkins each at the base
– Partner 1 up StH; Partner 2 up Mine Shaft
– 20 Partner LBCs each at the top
– Back down the way you came up
– 10 Partner Turkish Get-ups each at the base
– Up the other way
– 10 Partner Presses each at top
– Back down the way you came up
Rinse and repeat until 0605
AYG on the Mantrip Mile back to the parking lot
Don’t let your partner down.

COT and BOM (Thanks for taking us out, Skipper)

Five-finger discount moleskin
– @Frodo, you’re far too compassionate to swerve and miss driving over that possum.  As @Snare will attest, the local possum population doesn’t extend us the same courtesy to us during The Cruise.
– Speaking of @Snare, what were you and @Bling discussing at the top of the deck? Recipe exchange? Book club recommendations? Debating the merits of descending one step at a time vs. two? Looked like a riveting conversation…
– @Doc – good partnering with you brother – strong work!  Good to have you at your first El D post in the gloom… sure beats the late day heat and humidity of Re-Dorado, eh?
– Great job by @Bull and @Nanny… that’s some partner trust as you guys hung half your body over the top edge on the partner press… YHC will stick with solid ground thank you very much.
– T-claps to our Double Downers: @Skipper (Qing the convergence at MCP), @BOS and @DocHoliday

– Shield – Wednesday, Sept 3 at 8pm; Dropcloth’s house (6020 Glen Manor Dr. in Highland Creek)
– The Ridge Runners start their BRR adventure on Friday – stay safe and have fun!
– 10(?) MeCa PAX will be departing for Haiti on Saturday for their week-long mission trip – please keep them and their work in your prayers until they return on Saturday, Sept 13
– F3 Dads Concord this Saturday, 7am on Sept 6 at NC Research Park in Kannapolis