Up, Down and All Around

11 Pax committed to the El Dorado shuffle this morning bright and early

The Thang

Run the not so mosey mile to the North Deck

Run up stair way to heaven

At each level do the marked exercise

Level 1 – Burpees x 10

Level 2 – Merkins x 15

Level 3 – WW2 Sit ups x 20

Level 4 – Air Squats x 15

Level 5 – CDD x 15

Level 6 – LBC x 30

After you complete the exercise run back down to the bottom and up to the next level

Continue all the way to the top and back down to the bottom

After completion of STH run up the ramps alternating running backwards on the odd number ramps (backwards on 1,3,5)

Down the Mind Shaft and rinse and repeat until 6:05

At which we run back to the Kohls parking lot


-good to see the Pax push themselves beyond their limits this morning…we were all struggling but that is the beauty of the Pax were iron sharpens iron and we all get stronger together

-@Chowder…sick just sick…your fitness has busted through the roof and is a true pleasure to watch you grow

-@Chavez  strong showing this morning, way to push and try and keep up with @Chowder

-@Col. Mustard i think we both were thinking the same thing when we saw each other at the bottom of the steps when you were getting ready to start round 3 burpees…it was a mutual silent agreement that this sucks and whoever came up with it should be shunned…oh wait…

-@Skipper impressive showing this morning…getting a late start and still catching up to @Col and myself…very humbling my friend…keep up the good work

-@Oz very nice start this morning keeping the pace on your way to the north deck…keep it up and you will be in the front in no time

-@The Nanny & @Frodo…glad to see y’all fartsack since there was more upper body involved then running but it truly was a perfect combination of both…y’all had legitimate reasons for not posting but still just doesn’t seem right without ya…we missed @SS Minnow as well

11 thoughts on “Up, Down and All Around

  1. Bootstrap Post author

    Great post by all this morning…always something special about pushing ourselves beyond what we think our limits are. Truly a pleasure leading such a fine group of men this morning

  2. Chowder

    That was evil and awful @Bootstrap. Actually, you got it right… sick is certainly what I felt. Between the TBQ (sorry @High_Life – I crop dusted the lower level right before you ran through – cobains brother), being on the verge of splashing Merlot and the light-headedness prior to each descent of StH, that was just brutal in every way… great stuff @Bootstrap.

    Great push by @Chavez (who peeled out of the pkg lot at 615), @Bootstrap and @Colonel. I think @Skipper took me on chip time. You should have just abandoned your car at the light. And what an effort by @Oz – repping for the H’burg boys. You did them proud this morning brother.

    Solid effort too by El D FNG @High_Life – not easy, but keep coming back. The dividends will be there if you keep investing in it. Great work!

    And no quit from @LawDawg (Kotters from the beach; great stress reliever this a.m. and a shout out to the SkyQ for you and your family brother), @Filibuster, @Bling and @Parkour (who had a @Frodo sighting on his way to the AO.) Way to keep the motor moving fellas. You guys and your efforts are the core and the heartbeat of the PAX. Love seeing the perseverance and determination in you all. It’s inspiring and is one of the things that motivates me to post. Thank you for bringing it each and every day.

  3. LawDawg

    @Bootstrap, nicely designed full body workout. All I could take was two trips around. On top of the STH for the second round I felt about as light headed as I can imagine.

    @Chowder, thanks for the prayers, we can surely use them…

    @Pax, missed you all last week, it was great and painful to be back.

  4. OZ

    @Bootstrap Thanks, that was a great workout that fits into the MudRun pattern (Run-Pain-Run-Pain etc.). I’m also going to stop reading the Preblast as it’s bad for (my) morale.
    @Chowder Thanks, this may be the only time I’m the fastest H-Burg rep so I’ll bask in the glow for a few minutes……….that’s enough of that.

  5. High Life

    That workout was as advertised – brutal. Toughest workout for me to date (second only to the Skyline Grinder). Very humbling getting lapped but I will most definitely be back… when my legs work again.

  6. The Nanny

    Hated missing this morning #ColdSack. I have actually considered joining those Harrisburg fools on wed evening just so I get my El Dorado fix for the week. Must have been tough with all the comments about light headed-ness.

    1. Hootie

      @Nanny – bring it. We’ll need someone smarter than us to decipher and keep us straight. We don’t think…we just run.

  7. Skipper

    Nicely developed workout @Bootstrap! I was late because I was trying to memorize the preblast, is that 1st level burpees? but there’s only 5 levels…Luckily you brought the kids out prior to draw it out in chalk.

    T-Claps to @Filibuster and @HighLife who ran backwards up every incline on Round 1. I was just following you guys. Maybe it pays to be on time and listen, or we just want to get our money’s worth.

    @Chowder is ridiculous. #ironman

    No better way to start the week! #ElDorado

  8. SSMinnow

    @Bootstrap – this was a unique concoction of pain when @Hootie and @Bull and I experienced it on Wednesday evening…it was equally hard on all the muscle groups…well done!

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