Back to School Blast

61 F3 dads and their 2.0s stormed Harrisburg Park for the MECA’s final F3 dads of the summer. Meteorologist predicted rain and thunderstorms but that didn’t hold back the PAX, nor their 2.0s.

Mosey from parking lot to lower lot w/2.0s (some already “too tired” to run so some dads got to fireman carry down to the lower lot). ¬†Tabasco warned the PAX and 2.0s what they were getting into and the theme of “Back to School Blast.”

SSH (Tabasco Q)
IST (Constitution Q)
Windmill (BBQ Q)
Merkins (Tabasco Q)
Mtn climbers (Constitution Q)

THE THANG (3 stations):
The PAX was broken into 3 groups. The Q led each group for 10 minutes doing the following exercises.

STATION 1 – Overflow Field:
Dad’s tunnel and kids bear crawl
Kids plank and dads cacka lacka cho choo
Dad’s plank and kids do dips
Partner leg press-Dads lay down and do leg press with kids on feet
Partner step ups- dads plank and kids step up
Curls- kids lay down and dads curl
Lat pull-kids sit on ground and pull down while dads pull up

STATION 2 – Library:
Bear crawl up steps with lunges down ramp (split group up, some start on stairs and some start lunges)
4 corners – squats, Merkins, high knees (hit hands), jack webs

STATION 3 – Playground:
10 pull ups
15 LBCs
Peoples chair while kids sprint to fence/switch
Merkin ladder on hill with repeato as necessary

Kids and dads alternated being sharks and minnows.

Low Dolly
Kid suggestions



  • An amazing turn out this morning for F3 dads! Great seeing all the guys from Harrisburg, Highlands, Tradition, and Concord. I think the kids found at least one exercise they enjoyed doing or seeing their dads do.
  • My kids are already asking when the next F3 dads will be! ¬†Thanks for coming out everyone!

BBQ, Tabasco, Constitution

9 thoughts on “Back to School Blast

  1. BBQ Post author

    Enjoyed leading today guys. Thanks to Constitution and Tabasco for helping out. I’d say it was a success! Tclaps to Tabasco for his virgin Q!

  2. Constitution

    It was a ton of fun and even the perpetration work my son loved. All day every couple of minutes he’ll say “in cadence, exercise “

  3. Dingo

    Great job today guys! My kids loved and hated it!!

    I was wondering if you mix @Tabasco with @BBQ is it bad for ones @Constitution??

  4. FunkyBunch

    Thanx @Harrisburg. You all did a great job this morning. My kids and I had a blast. I saw a few Dads Camp shirts tis morning. See you all there.

  5. The Nanny

    Highlight of my kid’s weekend. Thanks to the Q’s for taking on responsibility for the event and for executing well.

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