3 Ways Up to Top

12 men posted on a beautiful Monday morning for the descent up El Dorado. Many were surprised to hear there was some upper-body work to be done in this Frodo-led beatdown.

The Thang

Partner Up

  • Run .9 to El Dorado
  • Run Up and Down StH
  • Partner Wheelbarrow Up StH (alternate flights between partners); run down
  • Run Up and Down StH
  • Partner Wheelbarrow Up StH (alternate flights between partners); run down
  • Head inside and run up ramps to top and run down
  • Head to Mineshaft and run up and down
  • Bunny hop up mineshaft and run down
  • Return to Sth
  • Rinse and Repeat


  • Great work by all the PAX. This didn’t look good on paper and it wasn’t any fun in reality #ThatsThePoint
  • TClaps to Chowder and Col for setting the pace
  • There was considerable mumblechatter about nearly spilling merlot, seeing spots, and not feeling very well.
  • Keep EHing other PAX. If you can handle this workout, the others get easier. Just ask Law Dawg and Chowder
  • Speaking of Law Dawg….I don’t think he’s missed an El Dorado yet. Isn’t it time for him to Q one of these? I believe July 21 is open.
  • We need Qs for several posts. If you’ve been coming to F3, it’s time to Q. Don’t let the Qs fall to the same core group; step up, sign up and lead a workout. You don’t have to lead from the front, you just need to organize it; so don’t let the excuse “Other guys are in better shape than me, how can I lead?” get in the way.

7 thoughts on “3 Ways Up to Top

  1. Frodo Post author

    Great Job by everyone that posted this morning. It wasn’t easy, but if it was…why would we do this? Always great to sweat through my clothes. It’s an indication that it was time well spent. Thank you all for the push and the comraderie this morning.

  2. Winnebago

    That was a smoker, pure and simple. Great push from @Frodo @Chowder @Col. got abdominal cramp on the descent of second “Recovery” ramp run and watched as the leaders ran away from me. I love seeing all of you men push through I know that it always feel like you are struggling but I assure you you are getting stronger and it is just you pushing harder that makes it consistently difficult.

  3. Forgotten Jelly

    @frodo – that was brutal! It was my first el dorado and won’t be my last. I was one of the people who almost had merlot spillage. Definitely a brutal workout, but I will be back.

  4. Colonel Mustard

    @Frodo – I am glad I said yes to letting you take the Q. You were able to push me to do things I might not of designed in my own creation of a beatdown. Wheelbarrow up the “Stairway to Heaven” is a new one so either there is a thank you or #BS. I will lean towards the BS.

    @Chowder – Thanks for the push on the decks and staying with me. You have done a total #360 in your fitness level. T-claps brother!

    @PAX – I continue to see new faces posting each week which is AWESOME! I just need to see you guys back out again and again. I promise you will see some gains in your fitness abilities. Ask @LawDog.

    @RedDawn – Looks like you are healing well. Great to have you out this morning.

    T-Claps to @Winnebago and @Frodo. I will have to say that those wheelbarrows by you two looked a little awkward.

  5. LawDawg

    There can be no doubt, El Dorado is where it’s at to build your fitness level. The wheelbarrows up the stairs almost brought the Merlot up. I’ll admit it, I refusnicked on a few flights on the last round.

    Q for El Dorado is filled for the next four weeks, so Frodo you’ll have to wait for a Law Dawg Q, but it’s coming.

    1. Winnebago

      Don’t think it wasn’t noticed that some Pax were shaving levels and perhaps even whole trips off. If you ain’t cheatin you ain’t tryin.

  6. Deuce

    @Frodo- Another well-designed beatdown. T-claps.

    @Casper- Thanks for pushing me to keep going.

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