Old Glory (July 4th Special Edition)

The pax came strong to celebrate their independence with a special edition of Old Glory at F3Tradition.

The Thang
Start at Flag – Run 1 Mile down to office park and back

Run to Station #1- Merkins x 20
Run to Station #2- Jump Squats x 20
Run to Station #3- Pull-Ups x 10
Run to Station #4- WWII Situps x 20
Run to Flag
Repeato – AMRAP

Run from Flag back to office park and back

Merkins x 13
LBCs x 13
W x 13
Burpees x 2
Squirm x 13
Heels to Heaven x 13

The independent moleskin-
@pax- thanks to everyone who showed today. These are always good times when we can do a convergence of this size.
@doubledowners- congrats to those that did the double down today. Dingo and I estimated we ran close to 10 miles when it was all done.

I may have left a few names off, please sound off if I did.

Have a great Independence Day and enjoy your freedom today gents…

5 thoughts on “Old Glory (July 4th Special Edition)

  1. Titleist

    That really stretched me. Being as heavy as I am, I had no idea I could do that today. First double down for me: kettlebell workout and then this. What a morning! Great lead by the QICs. Thanks for letting me bring the flag in at the end of the last mile. It was an honor.

  2. Skipper

    Ahoy! Wish I could have been with my F3 brothers today. These wankers in England don’t understand the 4th. I asked one bloke if he knew about the holiday in the US today, he said, “Yes, the day we let you go.” Yeah, right. #Merica

  3. Dingo

    That was awesome to see 35 guys show up this morning! The easy option on a holiday is to fartsack, you men took the high road!

    We changed “Old Glory” a little this time, the 2nd time we’ve run it and I think it flowed really well! Frodo took the “Virtual Trophy” with 5 rounds. That’s 1 round every 5 minutes. The bar is set! Lets see what you can all do next month!

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