Category: Locust

Shoulder the Load

Two arrived for a shoulder day. Warm-up 20IC Side Straddle Hop (SSH) 20IC Mt. Climbers 20IC Storm Troopers The Thang Mosey around to get blocks. Block carry around the park to the playground DORA 1 100 Block Curls (between partners) 200m Run rotation High plank to 5 count side plank right back to high plank, […]

Where’s waldo?

Two showed up after a bit of “where’s Waldo” while the park was being setup for the morning softball game.  Today was a partnered co-q’ing Day! Warm-up SSH IC 20 ISS- I0 IC Windmills IC 10 The Thang Mosey to the playground park At each “station” do 20 reps. , mosey between spots. 1-step ups […]

Round n Round

Warm up SSH Windmills Mountain Climbers Mosey around ball fields to the right…at south ball field entrance 20 Merkins + 20 LBCs Mosey around playground to benches in hairpin turn 20 dips + 20 toe touches Keep moving around to school At covered area 20 squats + 20 Bicycle crunches And on around… At car […]

DORA meets Murder Bunny

Three men arrived at the Locust AO to better themselves. Warm-up 20IC SSH 15IC Mt. Climbers 10IC Imperial Squat Walkers Mosey over and grab a block and place it in the end zone. Round 1 DORA step ups on bench and 20 Murder Bunny hops 3rd wheel runs the .25 mile loop then rotates 2 […]

Blocks n Stuff

Two showed up to brave the most beautiful weather for a Saturday morning! Warm-up Mosey around to make sure no other pax in other lots SSH IC 20 Windmills IC 15 Mountain Climbers 10 The Thang Mosey to the blocks (grab 2) and farmer carry to the football field 20 reps – Curls at endzone, […]

What no DORA

Warm up 20IC SSH 15IC Mt. Climbers 10IC Storm Troopers Then workout. Mosey to park playground for some assisted pull ups (3 rounds) max each round. Partner event 2 – Starburst Burpee- star push-up with a SSH, while PARTNER 2 runs a .2 mile loop then flip (3 rounds). Mosey to the basketball court and […]

Cindy’s not friendly

Four arrived for a Locust to meet Cross For Cindy. Q started the F3 disclaimer. Warm-up 20IC Side Straddle Hop (SSH) 15IC Mt. Climbers 10IC Imperial Squat Walkers The Thang Mosey to the playground on the other side of the park to meet Cindy. Cindy is 20 minutes of 5 pullups, 10 Merkin, and 15 […]

Another Left Turn

Two began at the central located flag at half staff to keep the momentum going! Warm up: SSH IC 15 Imperial Storm Troopers 15 Arm Circles The Thang: Mosey to the blocks Going clockwise around park At intersection 1 5 trifectas + merkins Keep moving left(clockwise)…find a bench do step ups to match numbers Spot […]

Running Burpee Problem

Two men arrived to find a park full of softball players & parents so they went for a run through the neighborhood. Warm-up Mosey to the flag at the corner of the back parking lot. 20IC SSH 10IC Wind mills 10IC Penny Pickers 5 Burpee The Thang Neighborhood Run with 5 Burpee at each cross […]