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F3 MeCa | April 20, 2021

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What no DORA

  • When: 4/3/2021
  • QIC: Comet
  • The PAX: TrafficJam, Rambler, Paddle, comet, stealth, MetroDog

Warm up
15IC Mt. Climbers
10IC Storm Troopers

Then workout.

Mosey to park playground for some assisted pull ups (3 rounds) max each round.

Partner event 2 – Starburst Burpee- star push-up with a SSH, while PARTNER 2 runs a .2 mile loop then flip (3 rounds).

Mosey to the basketball court and run the court and the other partner does big boy sit ups (3 times).

Mosey back to the playground for a lunge walk loop around the perimeter and the back person does 5 Merkin then runs to the front (1 loop). Repeat with decreasing Merkin each round.

Return to the sidewalk, partner one does ten broad jumps up the sidewalk and bear crawls back while the other partner does step ups then switch. Repeat x5.

6 MoM

1 minute Abs with habs
5IC Dr. W’s

I didn’t have the bible verse but the reflection was “I can do all things through Jesus Christ” and everybody has said it and I’m going to be the next person but even though COVID is awful, this could be a time to go and workout and get stronger and work on the little things that stop us from being the best us we can be and as we can do all things through Christ, I believe that he has a plan and has given us the opportunity to go and find our faults and work on them to become a better and strong person. F3 gives an opportunity for us to pull each other forward to be better men.

The Stealth rule: 2.0s can only talk while actively exercising.
Paddle suggested, multiple times that said activity would be better as a DORA.

Posted for Comet
YHC MetroDog


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