Author: Scottie Altschuler

Flair for the bird

Ahhh, it’s been a while since a good BB was posted by myself. It was a lovely Monday evening, sitting poolside in the new Uecker Lagoon backyard oasis, I realized that it was my Q in the am!  I quickly called out every name possible and this time, I was showing up! Lots of Jibba […]

Bricks & Tires

8 of the most Pristine Dawgs weren’t skerd of the Uecker mad scientist Q! disclaimer: Given Warm up : 1 lap and the usual 4! 4 men got bricks 4 men got tires. partner up: P1 throws tire to P2 while P2 does exercise until they get there.  Penalty before throwing 10 WW2’s.  Penalty before […]

Burpee free zone!

6 of the toughest Dawgs got their minds and body’s ready for the Beach by joining YHC for a beatdown approved by the M! Mash mentioned that maybe a “sharknado free” announcement would have brought more numbers than a Burpee free zone, but YHC couldn’t make a promise that I might not have been able […]

Guinness did that last week!

YHC devised a plan last night and thought to myself, I don’t want to do that!  Must be a good workout, #Letsgo! A short disclaimer was given and we took off running towards Mt. Afton.  On the way Bravo was telling me about this awesome partner workout they did last week at Mt. Afton, and […]


YHC rolled out of bed still conflicted on which route would be best!  YHC wanted strength work to get everyone ready for Sir Tophams beatdown tomorrow.  So when only 1 Rucker and 1 biker arrived, YHC’s decision was easy! head to the stick to stick together in the gloom.  Loveboat got 18 miles or something […]

Inspection morning run!

YHC couldn’t make the steer clean up so when MQ Honey Do said we should do a run by on Sundays preblast, I thought it would be appropriate to bring magnifying glasses and charts to verify all the work was done.  When Buck arrived and stated “if you weren’t there, you can’t say a thing”, […]

Muddy crazy 8’s!

YHC looked at the Q sheet because I couldn’t remember who had the Q today.  YHC’s legs are tired and I was going to fartsack!  #GoodthingIchecked! Having the Q I decided to try something new and we checked out the new paved community that’s going in behind Carolando, along with the crazy 8’s route.  1/2 […]

The reverse bird

YHC wanted to make sure there was no speed work or crazy stuff happening before the big race on Saturday, so what better way to ensure things go my way then to take the lead for a couple of days! My original plan was the apartment run, but with the food Lion being a crime […]

February Flair!

14 men heard the Dawg whistle and made it out to the Pound!  The wind and cold were no match for 7 runners 3 Rwalkers 2 Ruckers and 2 Dads of Anarchy! YHC looked for something different and remembered the ol Bird with Flair!  Good thing ol Hop Hunter is retired now and can make […]