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F3 MeCa | July 20, 2019

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Posts By Scottie Altschuler

The new penalty

July 3, 2019 |

So YHC was thinking what could be worse than Sharknado?  I needed to come up with something much worse, to make sure the PAX keeps filling up the Q Schedule.  I told my wife last night, this morning was going … Read More


July 2, 2019 |

6 Dawgs and “2 Ruckers” came out this morning to get a little better.  YHC pulled into the parking lot and saw Rerun, Tug Boat Willie, and Spauldini? for a run?  No, Spauldini confirmed he was only there to go … Read More


June 6, 2019 |

4:55 am – Wake up, this week feels like groundhogs day!  Get up and get going, First try to ensure the flag doesn’t fall.  This has been an issue, for YHC.  Lightbulb!  Put the shovel in front of the garbage … Read More

Tour de Dawghouse

June 5, 2019 |

YHC wasn’t sure how many Dawgs would show, but I knew that WINE was a big motivator.  14 Men showed up to see what I had in store, and FNG Charlie brought his brother FNG MATT!

A little mumbling about … Read More

Theres no “B” in MOTHERS! #NOBURPEES!

May 10, 2019 |

YHC woke up to a text from Torch, he was not going to make it due to injury.  My thoughts were maybe the group would be small with Mothers day approaching, but to my surprise I pulled into the parking … Read More

TOOT! TOOT! All Aboard!

May 9, 2019 |

YHC pulled into the parking lot to find 2 anxious stallions ready to run, but wait there were more coming around the corner!  7 Men beat the fart sack and joined me on a cruise through the apartments, where they … Read More

Fri YAY! Lets get er done!

April 12, 2019 |

YHC- pulled into the parking lot and saw 6 cars already there, we totaled 16 by the end and I was able to hold the rain off long enough to get our work out in.

– Disclaimer – We are … Read More

A cruise for 9 please!

March 21, 2019 |

9 men beat the fartsack this morning and ventured out for a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood to see what YCH was rambling about all evening on Slack.  I tried to lead the run, but I knew the grey hounds … Read More

Last Q of the 30’s!

March 6, 2019 |

YHC pulled into the parking lot to find 3 men ready to get to work, but at 5:30 there were 14!  25 Degrees with a little wind is no match for the DAWGS!

– Disclaimer @5:30 – Mosey to the … Read More

Campus Tour

February 6, 2019 |

With your QIC out of town last week, I was starting to forget what the school campus looked like, so what better way to remember than with a tour of the school?!  Let’s get started!

13 Men showed up to … Read More