Author: Laser

Hampton Hills

9 PAX posted to witness the challenge to Gentle Grizzly’s (AKA Magellan) navigational prowess.  However, the directional phenom was on the mark once again. Route launched from Precinct AO down Avon Farm and up into Hampton Place and Amber Leigh for a bunch of hills with a return up Avon Farm to close the deal. […]


9 PAX showed for a 10 mile Saturday Valley Cruise. First 5 through Highland Creek and second 5 through Olmstead. Six PAX for the whole 10 and three for a halfer.  Three added a bonus 4 on the 10 (nice work No-H, Blowout and Stash) Great convo of work, family, kids, accounting and weight loss […]

Much Respect

The weather broke, kind of, and 6 PAX posted in the moist gloom for a “been too long” beatdown from YHC. This has been a tough year. YHC got out of the groove of taking the DRP and generating momentum. I hoped if I jumped back in to Q it would provide sufficient motivation. And […]

Boyz n the Hood

6 PAX slid into the Highland Creek Harris Teeter to get some miles in the surrounding hoods. The six mile route took us through four different neighborhoods with a little roundabout excitement at the end. Kudos to No-H for getting in extra miles on his way to 9 for the morning. Pray for Grizzlies grandma […]

Radborne 300

5 PAX posted for 300 feet  elevated “fun” on a brisk Wednesday morning. Route was from The Precinct AO down Kent Village to the greenway.  We cut into Radborne and hit the Symphony Woods hill and tackled French Woods on the way back to the greenway.  The return route was up Armitage to Prosperity and […]

Hills, Pit Stops, and Pools

6 PAX ended up in the COT after 4 or 5 miles obtained in various ways. 5 PAX launched from the Winchester pool for a run across the greenway and into Radborne for some hill work. 1 PAX broke off for a pit stop that lasted most of the run. 1 PAX, that YHC swears […]

No Mas Charla

5 PAX posted for a Saturday morning special.  The air was crisp and two of the PAX were fresh off The Valley cruise from earlier this morning.  The 0700 hour was upon us and we commenced the beatdown: WARMARAMA: SSH x 20 IC 2 Burpees IST x 15 IC 2 Burpees WM x 15 IC […]

Usta Be

4 PAX posted for The Valley Saturday Cruise launching from Davis Lake AO. YHC and Stifler on Route Uno consisting of 3 miles and the addition of Gentle Grizzly and Blowout for Route Dos consisting of 5 miles. Usta Be that the Saturday Cruise was the most attended run at The Valley.  Usta Be the […]

Been a while

YHC grabbed the Saturday run Q since it’s been about a month since feeling Freed To Lead. Two PAX joined YHC for the first Route and another two for the second route taking us to 5 total PAX for the day. Route 1 took a tour of the local landscape leaving Tradition AO and traveling […]