Author: Bill Shep

3MB Cameo!

3MB hit the Town Center(if you don’t know, look it up)!. 3 braved it out, got out of the fartsack, and tackled the circuit. Here is how it happened PAX: Battery, Oz Q: Hacksaw Warm-Up SSH x 10 Hillbillies x 10(Go App State-ESPN gameday in Boone this Saturday)! Merkins x 10 Mountain Climbers x 10 […]

Slinging the Kettle of Iron!

Pax: Gamma, JD, Escalade, Dr Lecter, Deadhead, Teen Spirit, Practice, Zin Q: Hacksaw 9 strong dudes brought the Kettle of Iron to sling it around and get stronger. 0530 hit, and we began…. Warm-Up 10 x Hillbillies 10 x SSH 10 x Mericans 10 x Mountain Climbers The Thang Five Rounds Thrusters-3,6,9,12,15-increase 3 each round […]

Coupons are Great!

Pax: Gapper, Exit 54, Othello, Escalade, SS Minnow, JD, Birdcage Q: Hacksaw 8 rough and tough HIM’s came out to celebrate another day of using the coupons and pushing themselves. With the temperature at a tepid level, off we went at 0530. Warm Up SSH x 10 IST x 10 Squats x 10 Merkins x […]

Hacksaw Day 6 Iron Q

Date: 08/13/22 PAX: constitution, othello, escalade, deadhead, magic mike, the big show, misfire, triplethreat, zin, talledega, mullet Q: Hacksaw Day 6 of YHC Iron Q began with a nice 45 minute ruck around the park and Harrisburg, then the work of a VQ at Harrisburg park, here is how it went down with help of […]

Clash of the Bells!

Date: 08/12/22 PAX: othello, escalade, deadhead, battery, dr lecter, ss minnow, gamma, Fraser Q: Hacksaw YHC had a day getting prepared, printer on the fritz, dogs acting up, cleaning up merlot at 4:55am, trying to get a quick pre-ruck, did not work out. As the Pax gathered in the rainy day, here is how it […]

Dora sighting at the Ridge!

Date: 08/11/22 PAX: othello, solocup, escalade, bearclaw, gamma, zin, smokey, tartar, cpap, jd, minnow, triple threat, deadhead, battery, Q: Hacksaw 14 superHIM’s and YHC ventured out to Ridge for a Dora sighting, and there was a plan in place. with that, here is how it happened: Warmup 10 x SSH 2 Burpees 10 x Hillbillies […]

Hacksaw Day 3, No plan required

Date: 08/10/22 PAX: bearclaw, bonvoy, tbone, guinness, smokey, geppetto, f3clueless, escalade, dr lecter, papa john, wexler, exit 54,f othello, bluecrush, deadhead, hop_hunter, huggy bear, kokomo, birdcage Q: hacksaw 20 came out to the pitchfork, some for BRR training, others to get stronger on day 3 of Hacksaw Iron Q. Nice to get F3 brothers from […]

Day 1-Hacksaw Iron Q

Date:08/08/22 PAX: othello, peppa, battery, kojak, deadhead, JD, tbone, dr lecter, wexler, escalade, Q: Hacksaw 11 studs came out to begin their week with the promise of free coffee and possible breakfast sandwich(Othello) for completing Iron Q week with YHC. as the clock ticked to 0530, here is how it went down: 50 Jump Squats […]

Grunt Work-Bell Style!

Date: 8/5/22 PAX: Othello, gamma, moonshine, deadhead, smokey, bearclaw, tartar, escalade, practice, papa john, wexler Q: Hacksaw 12 HIM’s came together to grow stronger, sweat it out, and bond over the kettlebells. Grunts were abundant as we persevered through…here is how it went down Warm-Up 12 x SSH 12 x Hillbillies 12 x Mountain Climbers […]