Author: Bill Shep

Post-Christmas Murph!

Pax: Battery, Bearclaw, Hot Dog, JD, SS Minnow Q: Hacksaw Pax: Battery, Bearclaw, Hot Dog, JD, SS Minnow Q: Hacksaw The Murph • 1 Mile Run • 100 Pullups • 200 Merkins • 300 Squats • 1 Mile Run Name and COT Announcements: • 12/31 | El Dorado with Kojak • 1/7 | Mountain Ruck […]

Murph Time!

A bristly Monday morning at end of month brought out YHC and 5 tough guys for a round of Murph, always proud to lead and participate. the rules are easy, so let’s get it! 1 mile run 100 pullups 200 merkins 300 squats 1 mile run Name and count a rama Big Tclaps to Exit […]

Moving Our Bells!

9 strong HIM’s, YHC, and some prerunners took to Stallings Park to embrace the Gloom and get stronger. Here is the rundown Pax: Ripken, Dr Lecter, Othello, JD, Papa John, Practice, Bearclaw, Deadhead, Wexler Q: Hacksaw Warm up Mosey to end of parking lot SSH x 10 IST x 10 OYO 3 second Merkins(prepare for […]

10 day today!

PAX: Gamma, Exit 54, Practice, SS Minnow, Papa John Q: Hacksaw Date: 10/7/2022 5 supermen ventured out to enjoy a Friday morn beatdown with a back to back YHC appearance, with bells in hand, the fun began! Warm-up Arm Circles SSH x 12 Hillbillies x 12 Windmills x 12 The Thang 4 rounds, 4 exercises, […]

Almost completed beatdown!

PAX: sheepdog, tartar, exit 54, constitution, bearclaw, deadhead Q: hacksaw Date: 10/06/22   YHC and 6 other cool guys(Deadhead made 6, rehabbing and looking strong), made it out and readied themselves for their work! Sheepdog had kettlebell ready for #IPCWK5, but no can do today, the workout was already ready. 0530 arrived, off we went! […]

3MB re-run!

DATE: 09/19/22 PAX: Exit 54, Constitution, SS Minnow, Papa John, Peppa, Kojak, Dr Lecter, Bonvoy Q: Hacksaw YHC and 8 others made it out of the fartsack to partake in a re-run of last week’s 3MB(WWE-look it up to know) and tweaked it to differentiate. YHC almost fartsacked himself, arriving at 0529, and breaking speed […]

3MB Cameo!

3MB hit the Town Center(if you don’t know, look it up)!. 3 braved it out, got out of the fartsack, and tackled the circuit. Here is how it happened PAX: Battery, Oz Q: Hacksaw Warm-Up SSH x 10 Hillbillies x 10(Go App State-ESPN gameday in Boone this Saturday)! Merkins x 10 Mountain Climbers x 10 […]

Slinging the Kettle of Iron!

Pax: Gamma, JD, Escalade, Dr Lecter, Deadhead, Teen Spirit, Practice, Zin Q: Hacksaw 9 strong dudes brought the Kettle of Iron to sling it around and get stronger. 0530 hit, and we began…. Warm-Up 10 x Hillbillies 10 x SSH 10 x Mericans 10 x Mountain Climbers The Thang Five Rounds Thrusters-3,6,9,12,15-increase 3 each round […]

Coupons are Great!

Pax: Gapper, Exit 54, Othello, Escalade, SS Minnow, JD, Birdcage Q: Hacksaw 8 rough and tough HIM’s came out to celebrate another day of using the coupons and pushing themselves. With the temperature at a tepid level, off we went at 0530. Warm Up SSH x 10 IST x 10 Squats x 10 Merkins x […]