Author: Bill Shep

10-4 day!

Pax: JD, Bearclaw, Uncle Floyd, Othello, Exit 54, Constitution, Red Tape, Mad Dog, Zin, Magic Mike, Solocup, Wexler, Birthday guy Deadhead Q: Hacksaw Date: 12/1/23 A lively group of 14 gathered, at first unsure where to meet, but eventually followed the music and rock songs to the designated parking lot area for a beatdown including […]

Not cold at all!

Pax: SS Minnow, Bearclaw, Othello, Gamma, Dr Lecter, Constitution, Exit 54 Q: Hacksaw 8 ventured out into the crisp November air, to be better, stronger, faster…here is how it went down Warm Up Mosey 10-SSH Mosey 10-SSH 10-IST Mosey 10-SSH 10-IST 10-Windmills Mosey 10-SSH 10-IST 10-Windmills 10-Mt Climber The Thang 10 Min AMRAP Left Drill […]

Clink and Clank!

Date: 9/22/23 Q: Hacksaw PAX: SS Minnow, Bearclaw, Uncle Floyd, Firebrand, Othello, Tartar, Sheepdog, Exit 54, Red Tape, Constitution, Gold Rush, Maddog, Lugnut 14 Strong Menly men descended on Stallings Park for some Clink and Clank, after a quick 20 minute ruck around the school and park, met up with the men, had a few […]

Left Turn, Clyde!

Date: 09/18/23 Workout: Hburg Town Center Pax: JD, Uncle Floyd, Firebrand, Othello, Gamma, Kojak, Talladega, Constitution, Lugnut, Exit 54, Mad Dog, Peppa, Salty Dog, Wexler Q: Hacksaw 15 of the most HIM’est HIM’s converged at HTC, for a Left Turn Clyde beatdown(if you don’t know, google or youtube it!). With some not so solid instructions, […]

Lifting KB up and down!

Pax: Bearclaw, Othello, Uncle Floyd, Firebrand, Deadhead, Birdcage Q: Hacksaw Super HIM set of 7 studs hit Stallings Park for the lifting of the Iron, here is how it went down. Warm-Up Mosey SSH x 10 IST x 10 Penny Pickers x 10 HRM x 5 Arm Cirlces and stretches and holds The Thang 5-10-15-20-15-10-5 […]

White Board Coupon Special!

PAX: Othello, Big Bird, Red Tape, Bucky, Gold Rush, Deadhead Q: Hacksaw Count: 7 FNG: 0 7 Strong HIM’s were not daunted or worried about YHC breaking out a new white board to promote coupon special day at the Ridge! With a timely assist from Othello bring the coupons, the HIM’s began at the stroke […]

Good Day for Murph!

Date:06/26/2023 PAX: JD, Othello, Kojak, Constitution, Banjo Boy, Peppa Q: Hacksaw 7 came out, handled the humidity, and bettered themselves via the Murph! 1 Mile Run 100 Pullups 200 Merkins 300 Squats 1 Mile Run Name and COT Announcements 1. great to see Othello and Constitution return to the Gloom, fresh off their respective trips. […]

Confusion Abounds

Date: 06/15/23 Pre-ruck | Gulfstream, Scrum, Hacksaw PAX: JD, Iceman, Gulfstream, Scrum, Kojak, Heatstroke, Peppa Q: Hacksaw 8 strong gave it their all, worked out hard, complained(normal) and had a blast! here are the details: Warm-up mosey SSH x 10 IST x 10 Hillbillies x 10 Seal Claps HRM x 5 The Thang Hill work-3 […]

Good Day for Bells

9 strong today showed up for a Good Bell day, when the clock struck 0530, we began! DATE: 05/26/23 PAX: JD, Bearclaw, Uncle Floyd, Othello, Papa John, Loophole, Zin, Constitution, Banjo Boy Q: Hacksaw Warmup SSH, Toy soldier, Hillbillies, Mt Climber, HRM The Thang 3 rounds, 4 exercises each round, movement after each round After […]