Author: Fire Chicken

Sixty-one of Everything!

Sixty-one of Everything! Ten exercises times sixty-one reps! Q : Total Package Pax : Spud, Homeland, Mayweather, Hops, Tombstone, Neverland Jog around ASEC parking lot doing high knees, butt kickers, karaoke, goose steps Circle up – lower parking lot SSH x 10 Motivators (New exercise imported from Pinehurst AO) IST’s x 15 Hamstring stretch Arm […]

Soft…but dry

16 men gathered on a muggy winter’s morning to see how their day would start… AO: OCT QIC: Fire Chicken Pax: Pyscho, Mayweather, Popeye, Love Boat, Skinner, Java, Tom B, Spud, Ace, Sand Trap, Buzz Kill, Brickyard, Luthor, Boze, & Mount ME Mosey to bum wash for: SSH’s x 50 IC (always props to Paw-paw […]

The Dignified Q

The dignified Q: Play this song in the background as you read this backblast as it was playing at groundwork’s during coffee: When: 12/6/22 QIC: Luthor Pax: TP; Java; Firechicken; homeland; checkmate; LMU We had 7 stately gentlemen of class and honor gather for some exercise this morning. The weather forecast wasn’t good last […]

Been too long

AO: The Mill QIC: Fire Chicken Pax: The Burgh, Phidip, Trick, Cupid, Heisenberg, Schnitzel, Risky (yes, risky)….then Loafer and then finally LMU 8 men which eventually became 10 men were greeted by a wonderfully foggy and muggy November morning for the following…mosey 3/4 mile to Veterans park for: warm-o-rama: SSH’s x 25 IC IST’s x […]

Brickyard’s favorite

AO: OCT QIC: Fire Chicken Pax: Mayhem, Sand Trap, “OTIS” (guess who), Mayweather, Love Boat, Luthor, Cat, Hip, Ace, Scooter, Popeye, Mountie, & Brick Yard 15 men excitedly arrived since a no Grover Q they were saved from for the following: Mosey to Tom B’s basketball court for warm-o-rama: SSH’s x 25 IC IST’s x […]

Wee bit nipply

9 pax embarked on our first low 40’s mornin’ of the fall to play some frogger and climb a ladder and some other stuff… QIC: Fire Chick Pax: PR, Tom B, Spud, Red Craig, Brick Yard, Halfway to 92, TOO TALL, & MarBO Mosey across lake concord to lee ann and circle up at a […]

Block by Block

Block by block Q:     Finish line AO:    OCT Pax:   Bozeman, Luthor, Hipbone, Frostbite, Buzzkill, Indy, Catfish, Checkmate, Tombstone, PsychoT, Firechicken, FNG Brad, Slash, Mountie, Spud Mosey around block of OCT stoping at corner store – Warmup –  15x side-straddle hops – 15 4 count pushups – 15 mountain climbers – Stretch to right, middle , […]

World Famous Golf Champ Beatdown

AO: ASEC QIC: World Champion member-guest golfer…aka Fire Chicken Pax: LMU, Pyscho-T, PR, Scoot, Deer Tick, Tomby, Luthor, Popeye, Cat, Spud, Warm-up: all pax on time…including PR…mosey to rehab parking lot for lots of chatter and: SSH’s IC X 25 Loose Change IC x 10 IST’s IC x 15 Arm circles forward/backward Mosey back to […]

9th Anniversary Workout

Q : Total Package Pax : Tombstone, Lex Luthor, Hops, Spud, Bozeman, Gooney, Capt. Morgan, Hipbone, Indy, Mountie, Scooter, Homeland, Ace, Neverland, Mayhem, Buzzkill, Java, Catfish, Anvil, Popeye, Tupperware Jog to Carolina Courts: Circle up SSH x 20 IST’s x 20 Hamstring stretch Arm circles Station #1 Carolina Courts parking lot 10 exercises times ten […]


Date: 8/3/22 AO: OCT QIC: Mayhem PAX: Homeland, Catfish, Mountie, Frostbite, Private Ryan, Skinner, Slash, Spud, Checkmate, Luthor, Popeye, Hops, Mayhem Warm-A-Rama: Jog to Methodist Church 20 SSH 15 Mtn Climbers 15 ISTs Arm Circles The Thang: Sharknado! 15 Burpees 20 Diamond Merks 20 WW IIs 20 Merks 20 Carolina Dry Docks Run around Coltrane […]