Author: Fire Chicken

Block by Block

Block by block Q:     Finish line AO:    OCT Pax:   Bozeman, Luthor, Hipbone, Frostbite, Buzzkill, Indy, Catfish, Checkmate, Tombstone, PsychoT, Firechicken, FNG Brad, Slash, Mountie, Spud Mosey around block of OCT stoping at corner store – Warmup –  15x side-straddle hops – 15 4 count pushups – 15 mountain climbers – Stretch to right, middle , […]

World Famous Golf Champ Beatdown

AO: ASEC QIC: World Champion member-guest golfer…aka Fire Chicken Pax: LMU, Pyscho-T, PR, Scoot, Deer Tick, Tomby, Luthor, Popeye, Cat, Spud, Warm-up: all pax on time…including PR…mosey to rehab parking lot for lots of chatter and: SSH’s IC X 25 Loose Change IC x 10 IST’s IC x 15 Arm circles forward/backward Mosey back to […]

9th Anniversary Workout

Q : Total Package Pax : Tombstone, Lex Luthor, Hops, Spud, Bozeman, Gooney, Capt. Morgan, Hipbone, Indy, Mountie, Scooter, Homeland, Ace, Neverland, Mayhem, Buzzkill, Java, Catfish, Anvil, Popeye, Tupperware Jog to Carolina Courts: Circle up SSH x 20 IST’s x 20 Hamstring stretch Arm circles Station #1 Carolina Courts parking lot 10 exercises times ten […]


Date: 8/3/22 AO: OCT QIC: Mayhem PAX: Homeland, Catfish, Mountie, Frostbite, Private Ryan, Skinner, Slash, Spud, Checkmate, Luthor, Popeye, Hops, Mayhem Warm-A-Rama: Jog to Methodist Church 20 SSH 15 Mtn Climbers 15 ISTs Arm Circles The Thang: Sharknado! 15 Burpees 20 Diamond Merks 20 WW IIs 20 Merks 20 Carolina Dry Docks Run around Coltrane […]

Swampy Stairwells

When:8-4-2022 QIC:PT The PAX:Spud, Private Ryan, Luthor, Skinner, Scooter, Mayweather, Hops, Buzzkill, Neverland, Finish Line 11 Pax entered the gloom this AM.  Swamp Ass Meter=100% WARM-O-RAMA: Mosey to Hospital Parking Lot SSH x 20 Hillbilly’s X 10 Loose Change Stretch Arm Circles THE THANG: Top of Main Hospital Deck.  Utilize the 4 corner stairwells.  Top […]

Bus Beatdown day 3 of Gauntlet

BB 6/23/22: Gauntlet Day 3: The BUS Q:  Your homey Homeland PAX: Catfish, Spud,Buzzkill, Big Tuna, Marlboro, Trick Daddy, Fire Chicken, Private Ryan, The Total Package, Neverland, Bozeman, and oh yeah, Mayweather Day 3 of the Concord Gauntlet, good turnout for the Speed Day workout. Warmup: Form the bus, learn to listen.  4th time must […]

The day after

AO: ASEC QIC: Fire Chicken Pax: Spud, Catfish, LMU, Marl-bo, Tombstone, Trick Daddy, Scooter   8 men, including 4, who were present for the Murph embarked on a lactic acid breakdown kinda workout…mosey to hill 208 parking lot barely surviving the stench of something ungodly that stayed with us for a couple hundred yards…not even […]

Simultaneous Double Ladder

AO: ASEC QIC: Fire Chicken Pax: Trick, Paw-paw, Tupperware, Scooter, Finish Line, Tombstone, Popeye, Spud, Luthor, Catfish, & Hops 12 pax ventured out on a Tuesday morning to see how their day would begin…here’s how it went down. Mosey to rehab for: SSH’s x 25 IC, IST’s x 15 IC, Mtn Climbers x 15 IC, […]

Jaywalking BAD but trespassing GOOD

Mountie OCT Saturday PAX: Neverland and his bad poetry, Frosty, Marlboro Red, Red Homie, Spud, Transit at 50%, PR, Tom B, Firechicken, Trick, Me Mosey through carolina courts to Soud’s church for warm-up Arm circles to start.  You’re damn right. Hammy stretch, SSH New deck: 5 burpees and 10 low flutter IC Go up a […]

Village Party

AO: the mill QIC: Fire Chicken Pax: grandmaster, trick daddy, cupid, phidippides, and the Burgh 5 joined YHC for a village party and here’s what went down… Mosey to random parking lot near closed pharmacy for 20 SSH’s IC, 15 Hillbillies IC, Arm circles….mosey to village park concession stand – 35 squats train station – […]