Machu Don’t Gotchu

AO: F3Rollingstone
Q: heatstroke
PAX: Life Alert, Peanuts, Spooner, Vespa-Odell, LoveSeat, Not Machu, FNG Shiri – absolutely butchering the spelling I’m sure
FNGs: 1 FNG Shiri – absolutely butchering the spelling I’m sure
0700 and no sign of Machu. YHC originally had the Q so he steps in. Mosey around lots in search of Machu. No dice. After slack radio silence from Machu, which is unusual for the man, YHC threw a couple of basketballs in the truck in case of a Q no show to deliver a March madness BD. The pax ended up being “rewarded” by YHC’s intuition.
WARMARAMA: The usual in the teacher lot
THE THANG: Grab the 2 basketballs and we head to  Steph Curry’s Shooting Academy for the Blind.
Layup lines. Right side. 5 burpees for every miss. We sucked pretty bad collectively. Had to mix in other exercises as burpeepalooza was setting in.
Knockout. Once eliminated run and lunge walk around playground until game finished. Congrats to Peanuts I believe.
3 point shooting from top of the key. One round. Each miss equals 5 eight count body builders. Thank you to LA, Peanuts and Spooner for sinking theirs and leaving us with 20 instead of 35.
Layup Lines. Left side. Amazingly, the group was better with the left hand than the right. Left hand buckets reduced penalty and we ended up penalty free 🤯
Team competition. Make 5 shots from the wing first – team wins. Losers bear crawl across court and back. Best out of 3.
Knockout again. Same penalty for elimination. Life Alert prevails.
Team competition. Baseline jumpers. First to 5. Losers lunge walk. YHC was owning this evolution.
Recover recover
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Happy Hour next Thursday…looking forward to Machu being there💸 Passport Chalkenge, still time to join in.
COT: Prayers for Mike and Melanie, Kelly, Nicky and Baby Stetson
Moleskin: Machu, we hope everything is ok with you and that the no show is simply forgetting or an alarm malfunction. If so, we have penalties around here for missing your Q, first round of happy hour on the offender…which happens to be next Thursday🍻 Great to have FNG Shiri (should have gotten his info…and correct spelling of name.) Thanks to all for putting up with that nonsense, it was a good time. We have some decent players…and some not decent at all players, but everybody seemed to get better as the BD went on. Sweet Spot provided solid grub and 2nd F. Have a great weekend brothers.