Core Principles

AO: F3Rollingstone
Q: heatstroke
PAX: SugarF3, Detention, Clickbait, Backstop
FNGs: None
Healthy disclaimer. Clickbait “Are we working out under cover?”YHC “Probably not”
WARMARAMA: SSH. Lumbergs. WMs. ISTs. Ape Vigodas at Greenway.
THE THANG: Mosey to track. 4 corners, 11s style. 10 squats/1 burpee. Next corner. 9 squats/2 burpees.  Etc.
To back of HRMS. Cackalacky Can Cans at covered wall.
To Chuck Norris Memorial Alcove. He’s not dead, just remembering his living excellence with Jack Webbs. Much harder than I remember.
Around to front of HRMS. Wall press ups and Can Cans. Can Cans in sloppy conditions ill advised as QIC took a spill. All good and we move on.
HRMS main entrance. 40 step ups for JBs bday.
Back to AO with MHs at Greenway.
MARY: LBCs and plank to finish
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Happy Hour tonight at Johnny Brusco’s. No Pox Box tomorrow.
COT: At 0510 it was absolutely pouring and a more covered beatdown was being heavily considered…but then it was like the good Lord said “Not today HS, not today” and the rain died down. YHC could not disappoint the man upstairs. So we went full Monty into the gloom. Did the rain pick back up? Yes, yes it did. Did it matter? No, no it didn’t…at least to YHC😉. Huge Tclaps to Sugar, Detention, CB and BS (probably shouldn’t shorten his name that way🤷🏻‍♂️) for posting this morning, that was the definition of something one would voluntarily do by themselves. Bodies stronger. Minds strongest 💪. See y’all at Happy Hour.