KTown Mosey!

AO: F3Kannon
Q: Sir Topham Hatt
PAX: The Burgh, Cupid, Squid, Big Tuna, Heisenberg_Kannon, ChopSaw, Risky Business, Gunny, Sir Topham Hatt
FNGs: None
WARMUP: honor of OG que we had SSH, plank jacks, merkins and more
THE THANG: mosey around ktown for several infamous stops. Shangrila for dips and incline merkins, the speedway for ww2, down dog merks and Peter Parker’s, some bear crawls, over to the hill by ballpark for a mini ladder in honor of Big Country. Over to the crust pizza joint which is ABsolutely fantastic and completely some ab workout. Up to the campus’s bathrooms for monkey humpers and the. To coffee house to show off our manly legs with step ups. Back to Mary
MARY: two minutes left so random stretches
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Gunny church is delivering food to families in need Saturday morning if anyone wants to help
COT: prayers for Heisenberg daughter and school