0630 BC – The Best of Snowsuit

AO: F3Highlands
Q: Snowsuit
PAX: Brinkley, Sparky, Snowsuit
FNGs: None
The three amigos were back at it today with parking lot shenanigans, watching the sunrise and enjoying the cold, crisp gloom.

WARMUP: SSH, IST, Penny pickers, LSS, tempo merkin
THE THANG: Partner up.
Round 1: #1 runs to bench does 10 dips and runs back while #2 does merkins. Repeato until 150 merkins are complete.
Round 2: #1 lunge walks to bench and back while #2 jump squats. Repeato until 200 jump squats are complete. (insert audible here)
Round 3: Ladders – 10 plank jacks, 20 mtn climbers, 30 squats, 40 SSH, 50 butt kickers (1=1), Reverse and Flap-jack – 50 plank jacks, 40 mtn climbers, 30 squats, 20 SSH, 10 butt kickers (2=1)
Round 4: 60 sec AMRAP merkins/apolo ohnos/dips/calf raises
MARY: LBCs, Todd Beamers, pretzel crunches, low flutters, Ws, reverse crunch, and rosalitas.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: 12 days challenge, FIA, 26 Acres next week, ruck this weekend.
Good work men!