Copa Mundial Slip N’ Slide

AO: F3Bridge
Q: r2d2
PAX: Slash, Matlock, Barney, Thickburger, kingjulian, Machuman (Machupicchu)
FNGs: None
Starting with the basic F3 warm ups YHC, AKA Profe Walker, gave a quick spanish lesson which he had just taught to his 5th and 6th graders yesterday. We practiced our stops and short passes while yelling out the crucial Fútbol words that were printed out underneath our assigned cone:

¡Aquí! = here!
Cabecita = header
Corre = run
Pásamela = pass it to me

Our pronunciation earned a B+ while our ball handling skills earned a D-.

Luckily, no one failed the class.

After some drills, cabecita practice, and traditional F3 exercises to avoid growing soccer arms (80 merkins, 25 burpees and more), we made our way to the soaking wet field for the game. A few slips from those of us who did not bring cleats and we called an audible to a slightly less traversed part of the field.

The score ended 5-2 (3?) with a lot of debate and much cheating from @machuman. We were all covered in mud since I don’t think a single man stayed on their feet (despite the cleats). @kingjulian dominated the field with his collegiate soccer skills but we all played well. YHC had a whistle and blew it at random to give an official feel but had no idea when to blow since he doesn’t actually watch or play much soccer.

Overall it was a lot of fun and praise God no one got injured.