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Copa Mundial Slip N’ Slide

AO: F3Bridge Q: r2d2 PAX: Slash, Matlock, Barney, Thickburger, kingjulian, Machuman (Machupicchu) FNGs: None COUNT: 7 Starting with the basic F3 warm ups YHC, AKA Profe Walker, gave a quick spanish lesson which he had just taught to his 5th and 6th graders yesterday. We practiced our stops and short passes while yelling out the […]

Hurtful words 😕

11 Studs joined YHC in the Gloom to get stronger.  The crowd started rolling in and the props were already out that the PAX would be playing with later.  YHC would get a knife in the back later but we’ll get to that.  The clock hit 0700ish so off we went. DISCLAIMER   WARMUP SSH […]

#DesegregateNMHS and #EndRedLining

For the best version of the BackBlast click here: Weinke Disclaimer 1. Regular, modify as needed 2. I love my country, stand for the national anthem and encourage my students to do the same. 3. I also recognize the white washing of our countries history, especially after moving to the south from AZ and […]