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F3 MeCa | May 12, 2021

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F3Kannon – All ladders, all the time – The Ladder Channel

  • When: 04/27/21
  • QIC: Cupid
  • The PAX: Gunny, Grandmaster

Another Tuesday-WeightDay event.
What to do to make it different…
Howzabout using ladders to the usual boring meal of pain into something your beloved pax will remember with relish?

COP – Nope. Straight to tha THANG.

10 sets of ladders 2 to 16 reps increasing/decreasing by 2s , 2 per parking deck floor:
Floor 1 – Mason Twists / Skull Crushers
Floor 2 – Squats / Merkins
Floor 3 – LBCs / Curls
Floor 4 – Reverse Crunches / MilPress
Floor 5 – Lunges / Up-right Rows

Mary – Sorry this is a men-only group.

Moleskins –
Sucked (went well).
Always cool to see the sun-rise and moon-set from the parking deck.
The faithful posted while the sackers roasted (in the juices of their own dutch-ovens – Loafer & Backdraft excused from present company, since They’re recovering. #GetWellSoon).

Thanks for letting me Q,


  • On April 27, 2021

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