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F3 MeCa | February 22, 2020

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F3Concord – Squad Circuit

  • When: 5/7/19
  • QIC: Cupid
  • The PAX: Phidippides, Scout, WaterBoy (Evan Mezingo), Mayweather, FreshCut, LookMeUp, Hops, Spud, Anvil, TrickDaddy, FireChicken, PvtRyan, Hipbone, Frostbite, Gooney, Homeland,, Popeye, Smith&Wesson, The Count, MightyMouse, FinishLine, Grandmaster



twenty two pax posted this morning. Easier to list who didn’t show up instead.
S’all good though! There’s plenty on the buffet bar at the House O’ Saints…

Warmup –
Parking lot stretches –
High kicks
Round Houses
Squats IC 10X
Merkins IC 10X

Burn ’em down:
5 squads
5 Stations –
Tire Flips
Core In Cadence
Cinder blocks In Cadence
PUllups (5x) & Burpies (10x)
1 Lap around the perimeter with a bag of dirt/sand. Rotate when lap complete

Mary –
no time for mary

Moleskins –
Nice show of force today.
Great weather @ 60 degrees and low humidity
Special visit from The Count? Who was that cloaked man? Is he from another AO or a regular for ASEC? Hope he becomes a regular.
Got to name Evan Mezingo (now known as WaterBoy). An honor to have you in the family.
Thanks to everyone who showed up today. Nobody likes doing this alone.
Was an honor to lead,


  • On May 7, 2019

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