Powerful & Moist Speed-workout

6 PAX showed up for a workout that could possibly be filled with excessive moisture.  The Q warned that he did not plan on any rain, there was going to be no modifications to the workout because of rain.  No one was worried and possibly those that were worried of the rain SmartSacked.  A disclaimer was pronounced and no FNGs were spotted.  Our great visitor from the RollingStone AO was greeted as he was to spend the next 45 minutes at was going to be a Powerful & Moist Speed-workout.

The Thang:

Mosey towards bus parking lot.

We spot the 7th PAX the Q was expecting, as we recognized @Skipper’s wheels doing speed work through the bus parking lot.  The Q called a rewind (backwards run) back to the starting point to gather .

Mosey, Stoli skips, and as we passed the FIA contigent we do Karaoke without tripping or falling on each other, backwards, mosey, etc.

Reach bus parking lot and zig zag bus parking spots with alternating forward and backward runs, then switching to karaoke until we run all the spots.

10 STH – IC (used as a break)

Mosey run up to the top of the hill next to fire station

10 Squats – IC

Mosey across Ridge Rd over to Creek Breeze Rd

Start alternating Sprint and Mosey between each driveway on the left.  Halt when we reach the start of the Climb to i485 Strava segment.

Gather PAX explain situation and boundaries for the segment.  Everyone races up to the guard rail, wait for the Six and slow mosey back to the starting line.

Repeat for a total of 3x

Mosey back to Ridge Rd alternating sprinting and mosey between driveways

Mosey across Ridge Rd to the top of Shelley Avenue.

10 Lunges OYO (5 each leg)

Downhill Sprint to the Playground

Gather at Backetball goals for a reverse suicide (doing longer segment first, and shorter last).  On the third segment the PAX practices Kareoke.

Mosey back to starting point and start Jail Break at the entrance of the bus parking lot.


Announcements and Moleskin:

  • @Barrister is looking for more PAX to fill the F3 Gassed and Curious TimeLaps team.  7 of 12 slots filled.  YHC highly recommends it.  Unfortunately YHC is unable to attend this year’s event.
  • @DutchBoy reminded us about the power and benefit of F3 to fellow friends and men in our community.  Reach out to a F3 you haven’t seen out in a while, or someone in your daily life that can be transformed through F3’s powerful support and motivation structure.
  • The Signup Guinness needs your help.  Please visit it TODAY and put your name on it before @Disaster gets any ideas.
  • It is an honor being able to lead a workout and this motivated group of men!  Thank you and have a great weekend!

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  1. Gordo Post author

    I used all the gas in the tank in my first climb. I got a PR on Strava for “The Climb to 485” thanks for the push by the PAX. I paid for it during the rest of the workout! Hope you got a good heart pump today out in the perfect weather for some fast runs!

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