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F3 MeCa | June 3, 2020

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The Dawg House Convergence for a 3yr Anniversary

  • When: 03/15/19
  • QIC: Talladega, Dial-up, Torch
  • The PAX: Hop Hunter, Pharaoh, Big Blue, 4 Wide, Hokie Pokie, Gerkha, Tater, Mayflower, Spauldini, Buck, Kojak, SS Minnow, Exit 54, Wexler, Scooter, Terrible Towel, Amway, 5G, Uecker, Cupid, Beetlejuice, Skipper

4:40a- YHC wakes up early in anticipation of a convergence beat down, greeted by the sound of rain outside.  Ugh!  4:47a- YHC still hears rain, realizes it’s not a dream.  4:58a- YHC wonders how many PAX are laying in bed thinking about not showing up because it’s raining.  5:00a- the alarm clock goes off and can’t delay any longer, rain or no rain we’re going to do this!

Much to my delight, 25 men gathered in the parking lot of Jay M Robinson to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of The Dawg House.  However it happened, there was no rain (or at least only a mist) as the clock drew close to 5:30a.  No FNGs meant everyone who showed up knew what to expect so there should be no surprises, just the regular SUCK of a Friday morning beat down.

Disclaimer given, mosey through the parking lot and run some lines with butt kickers, carioca, quadraphelia, and high knees, then circle up.

  • SSH x15 IC
  • IST x15 IC
  • MC x15 IC
  • LBACs front and back while YHC explains the next step


Split into two groups with half following Torch and the other half following Dial-up.  About mid-way through the beat down session, switch groups.  (YHC can only comment on what his group did but you get the gist)


Torch’s plan at the rear stadium steps:

  • Stair-a-mid: 10-1 ladder w/ Burpees at the top and Air/jump squats at the bottom
  • Diamond Merkins x10 OYO
  • Lunge walk towards parking lot, 10 each leg, then mosey


Dial-up’s plan with the cinder blocks:

  • Mosey to back behind the Dawg Cages to pick up some Dawg Toys (aka The Blocks) for the Non-Ruckers in attendance.
  • Circle up – Let’s get those Backs Wet… All Exercises are OYO – Work the list until out of time
  • x20 – Flutter Kicks with overhead Block
  • x3 – Burpees (3-year Anniversary)
  • x18 – Curls for Girls
  • x3 – Burpees (3-year Anniversary)
  • x16 – Bentover Rows
  • x3 – Burpees (3-year Anniversary)
  • x14 – Block Squats
  • x3 – Burpees (3-year Anniversary)
  • x12 – Skull Crushers
  • x3 – Burpees (3-year Anniversary)
  • x10 – Elf on the Shelf
  • x2 – Burpees (DIAL-UP!!’s 2-year Anniversary)
  • x8 – Block Lunges
  • x2 – Burpees (DIAL-UP!!’s 2-year Anniversary)
  • x6 – Overhead Presses
  • x2 – Burpees (DIAL-UP!!’s 2-year Anniversary)
  • x4 – WWII’s with Block
  • x2 – Burpees (DIAL-UP!!’s 2-year Anniversary)
  • x2 – Blockee’s (Block Burpees)
  • x2 – Burpees (DIAL-UP!!’s 2-year Anniversary)
  • Farmers Walk: Indian Style to put the blocks back


Both groups gather back as one for Mary:

  • Crunchy Frog x10 IC
  • Rosalitta x10 IC
  • Pretzel Crunch x10 IC each side
  • Mason Twist x10 IC


Recover Recover



  • Hokie Pokie’s mom gets to ring the bell today after completing her cancer treatments- praise!
  • Cupid’s mom-in-law with successful hip surgery- praise!
  • Torch has a newly shaved head, surpassed his $2000 goal for raising money for children’s cancer research- Burpees coming soon- praise!
  • Game Day at the Orphanage, March 23- check Harrisburg Slack channel for more details

Lock shields, pray it out, amen!



It was awesome to see 25 guys in the gloom for an anniversary convergence even with the threat of rain.  Several men have commented how F3 has been a life changer for them.  That can only happen when other men make the commitment to show up and to share/push/encourage/harass/support/hold another man accountable.

Props to Torch and Dial-up for a beat down routine that’s sure to leave a mark- nothing like Burpees to get a Friday started right!  Thanks to Pharaoh and Hop Hunter for being in the wings if the crowd got too big.  We had a plan to accommodate at least 140 men if necessary (slight exaggeration).

Thanks for HIMs like Pharaoh being willing to step away from his original AO to start a new location 3 years ago (my apologies for not knowing the other charter members).  The F3 mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.  The Dawg House was planted with intent, and it has grown because guys stayed committed and invited other men to join.  When YHC started, Pharaoh and guys like Big Blue, Hokie Pokie, 4-wide, and Terrible Towel were there carrying the flag.  They are still there!  F3 works!

On a lighter note, be sure to congratulate Hokie Pokie on his sticker of achievement.  During the block beating, someone said Hokie deserved a star for his hard work (aka over-achiever).  5G was ready to deliver, pulled a sticker out of his pocket and placed it on Hokie’s back.  Who needs a medal when you can have a sticker?!?

Be sure to pass along the gift of F3 to other men; be sure to encourage those that are hit-and-miss on their attendance; be sure to reach out to those men who used to come but have fallen off the wagon.  Remember that the F3 Credo is “Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.”  There’s a guy out there that needs this!

Peace out homeys!


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