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F3 MeCa | May 22, 2019

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Spartan Style 030919

  • When: 03/09/19
  • QIC: Clueless
  • The PAX: Pancake, Espresso, Gamma, Wexler, Scooter, SheepDog, Lecter, YellowCake, BeetleJuice, Gapper, Buck, HopHunter, DickTracy, Chaos, Talladega, TeenSpirit, Clueless

17 Faithful F3 for a Spartan Style workout. With the Charlotte Sprint less than a month away, there were questions from PAX about obstacles and when some specific training would be available. So, on this gloomy Saturday morning, the #Railyard became a quasi Spartan course… minus most of the mud and the dunk wall (which sucks more than any other obstacle). Here’s how things went down…

Warm-o-rama: short mosey to lower parking lot w/ very loose instructions of where the obstacles were and what we’d actually be doing today… #Disclaimer… SSH ICx15, Windmill ICx15, IST ICx10

Thang: Split into 4 Teams w/ a Spartan veteran leading each to be able to provide key tips along the way. Complete a cycle below and move to the next… keep going until time is up. 3 team burpees for obstacle misses.

Cycle 1 – Sandbag carry at tier hill – full team up/down 3 times /// Railyard – 5 overhand pullups – 5 reverse grip pull ups

Cycle 2 – Bucket/Weight carry up/down heartrate hill 2 times /// Railyard – Up&Over a bar

Cycle 3 – Spear throw 2 times each /// Railyard – 15 knee ups

Cycle 4 – Rope climb /// Railyard – 10 bob and weaves

Cycle 5 – 50/100 yd barbed wire crawl /// Full bar climb lap



  1. Thanks for the opportunity to lead! It was great to see the interest, effort, and laughs along the way!
  2. Special thanks to @Talladega, @Wexler, and @BeetleJuice for sharing their toys. Being able to bring different elements into the mix certainly makes it more fun/painful for all.
  3. As evidenced today, grip strength is key for many of the obstacles.

Keep pushing – Clueless




  1. Clueless

    Really enjoyed pairing up w/ @DickTracy and @Chaos this morning! I know the boys enjoyed the 2nd F along the way too…

  2. Teen Spirit

    I have never climbed a rope before without knots or other assistance. Gapper’s technique made it easy.

    And I found out that I love throwing spears . Thanks for the memories Clueless, it was great. My forearms ache still 2 days later.

  3. SheepDog

    Thanks @Clueless for putting this together.
    Its good to know what we still have to work on a month out from race day.
    @Gapper was a good mentor. Like @TeenSpirit said… good rope instruction.

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