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F3 MeCa | December 5, 2019

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Hillbillies and their Toys

  • When: 01/24/19
  • QIC: Ace Ventura
  • The PAX: 10 and 2, Buckwheat, Easy Rider, Forgotten Jelly, Hammer, Pony Boy, Robins Nest, Sizzlean

9 PAX joined together on a soggy bottom boys version of a beatdown (spoiler alert!). Great temperature at 60 degrees, but the rain could’ve stayed away. Regardless, our AO offers flexibility, so under the roof we went. Solid welcome to Pony Boy for joining us, along with Easy Rider being consistent since his Eurpoean tour. 10 and 2 is back in action while the regulars like Buckwheat, Forgotten Jelly, Hammer, Robins Nest, and Sizzlean showed the rest how to keep at it. Buckwheat did have an accountability date with someone, but they cancelled so he joined the men instead. We had some decent mumblechatter during warm ups that seemed to die down after our heart rates increased and the suck set in. While some men had issues handling their exercise balls, others pounded them with ease. This is what we done did.


Windmill X 15
SSH X 15
Imperial Stormtroopers X 15
Cotton Pickers X 15

Special Guest Dwight Yoakam (digitally of course) helping with a new exercise called the Hillbilly of Constant Sorrow:
– While playing the song ‘I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow’, conduct Hillbillies throughout the vocals except when the word “I” or “I’m” is sung, then do a burpee. When the instrumental part comes up, Donkey Kick the whole time until singing starts up again.


Now to your stations!!! Cycle through each station with everyone being timer at least once (we got through 3 cycles).

Timer = 20 lbs ball Hodor X 10

Al Gore with 15 lbs KB straight out or shoulder press

40 lbs Dumbbell squats

35 lbs KB chest press

25 lbs ball slam to the ground


30 lbs KB bicep curl

26 lbs KB Mason Twists

Plank Jacks


Low Flutter X 15
Rosalita X 15
Homer to Marge X however many Robins Nest made us do


Comanche “Joint” Broga tomorrow at Christenbury Manor House – 2375 Herrons Nest Pl NW.

F3 MECA Winter Party this Saturday. Check Slack for RSVP and details.

Ace Ventura

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