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Hillbillies and their Toys

9 PAX joined together on a soggy bottom boys version of a beatdown (spoiler alert!). Great temperature at 60 degrees, but the rain could’ve stayed away. Regardless, our AO offers flexibility, so under the roof we went. Solid welcome to Pony Boy for joining us, along with Easy Rider being consistent since his Eurpoean tour. […]

3 for the Sweat Shed

Three got together to get better in the dark rain.  With YHC nursing a back injury, there was more than a hope no one would show and I would go back to bed; no luck though!  Bearclaw, Ito and I started out on our run/walk.  As the rain beat down it occurred to me I […]

4 Men Show Up for Hillbilly F un

Run from pool to Snow Drive and back. Back at the pool, stations were set up with weights for squats, overhead curls. YHC thought he might be the only one to show up today. But driving to the pool, he saw FlipPhone and Exit54 already out there running. Ido showed up at the pool and […]

Hillbilly Delivered

Hillbilly lived up to its reputation this morning delivering punishing blows to 4 manly men, but all 4 weathered the blows The Thang: Hillybilly running route – 2.8 miles of hefty hills Strength and Cardio Tabata Circuit: Upright rows Overhead curls Sumo squat Jump rope Announcements / Moleskin Thanks for the opportunity, men. The Hillbilly […]

Cooler than expected

3 of the best got after it this morning on this hills of Bradford Park on a cooler than expected June morning The Thing- Run to the end of Snow and back Tabata stations- triceps extensions, squats, hammer curls COT Announcements- 5 year anniversary convergence next Saturday 6/16 with FlipPhone, Exit 54 and I think […]

Who is your cell carrier anyway?

A strong seven came out to Bradford Park pool, not to swim, but to run hills and lift weights. This is how it went: Part I: Run to the opposite end of Bradford Park: Straight up Revere Right on Moody Left on Millen Right on Snow Run to the end of Snow then turn around […]