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F3 MeCa | June 19, 2019

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Luck and Math

  • When: 1/8/2019
  • QIC: Scooter
  • The PAX: TarTar, HongKongPhooey, BigBird, Practice, Posh, Clueless, FNG (Rob), FlipPhone, Bull, BanjoBoy, SoloCup, Gamma, DickTracey, Scooter

14 made the right choice this morning and showed up to let luck lead their fitness. YHC showed up with a foam dice. All exercise counts were based on multiple of the dice. Multiples determined in advance


  • SSH x 20
  • Merican x 10
  • Windmill x 10
  • Slow Squats x 10

The thang: 

Mosey between stations.

  • Station 1: x15 of each – Merican, Lunge, LBC
  • Station 2: x20 of each – Wide Merican, Burpee, American Hamer
  • Station 3: x16 of each – Chuck Norris Merican, Bobby Hurley, V Up
  • Station 4: x40 of each – Step up, Dip, SSH
  • Station 5: x18 of each – Chuck Norris Merican, Bobby Hurley, V Up
  • Station 6: x12 of each – Wide Merican, Burpee, American Hamer
  • Station 7: x7 of each – Merican, Lunge, LBC
  • Bonus Round: x30 – Merican, Lunge, LBC

Announcements / Prayers / Praises:

  • Continued prayers for a speedy recovery for @Wexler and @Exit54 for their football injuries during the Mud Bowl
  • Prayers for a speedy recovery for @starsky’s hand injury and good news from the scan
  • Remember to sign up for the Gremlin on1/19
  • Remember to also RSVP for the Winter Gala on1/26.
  • Please confirm on Slack if you’re interested in CPR class.  There are 20 spots.  We have about 8 taken.  We will open soon to the rest of MeCa


@TarTar was second-guessing his options this morning… a long sleeve shirt is what made it happen

@BigBird based on the height you threw the dice (maybe 20 fee up) you are probably not allowed at the craps tables in Vegas

@Practice sporting a ‘Perfect 10K’ shirt. Still chasing that

@Posh thanks your advice to consider the ‘collective IQ of the group’ before giving instructions

@HongKongPhooey good save when telling Gamma that you were convinced he had abs of steel

@clueless came out with options today and made a game-time decision to change up footwear. Hope that worked out for you

@FNG (Rob) welcome! I foresee a ‘spicy’ name in your future

@FlipPhone thanks for going the extra mile and posting even after putting in time at the track beforehand

@Bull finally confessed he does not run in the morning before the workout. He finds a good place to sleep and catches some ZZZZZZs

@banjoboy don’t worry I won’t call you out for rolling in late

@SoloCup kind of quiet this morning. Must be because you don’t have to keep us in line anymore. That’s now @flipphone’s job

@Gamma hope you are able to get some good use out of your dongle now

@DickTracey knowing you had an important meeting, I called final recover with 30 seconds to spare. Looking out for ‘ya



  1. Dick Tracy

    When it gets close to 6:15 AM and we’re a mile away … I get antsy. #tighttimelines #knowyoursplits

  2. BanjoBoy

    The snooze button almost got me… I’m (y’all are) lucky I made it at all!

    • FlipPhone

      We’re all lucky to see you @BanjoBoy. You’ll still have to come to RoadWarrior tomorrow to get your sweatshirt back.

  3. FlipPhone

    Good lead @Scooter!

    I found the secret to his speed … it’s not really a secret. It’s strength. Notice he does real jump squats!?!? Well done man.

    @Tbone was noticeably absent. He must have been at home crying with happiness, snuggling tight to his Clemson tiger stuffed animal. The full sized one he can spoon with. #smallspoon

    14 is a good number for the morning after a National Championship game. #Commitment #Priorities

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