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F3 MeCa | June 1, 2020

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Day 5: Don’t be Greedy

  • When: 12/28/18
  • QIC: Exit 54
  • The PAX: Helga, Flip Phone, Wexler, Practice, T-Bone, Gapper, Exit 54

Seven PAX braved the rain and colder-than-advertised temps for some strength training at today’s ‘Burg Iron…


  • Arm circles (forward and backward, little circles and big circles)
  • Tricep and shoulder stretches


Five rounds of exercises, each round featured a shoulder lift, bicep lift and tricep lift.

Round 1:

  • Overhead Press x 10
  • Straight-arm Curls x 10
  • Bench Dips x 20

Round 2:

  • Swimmer’s Press x 10
  • Cross-body Curls (start with the bell on your hip, lift to opposite shoulder) x 5 each side
  • Side arm push-ups x 20 each side

Round 3:

  • Upright Rows x 10
  • Bent-over Curls x 10
  • Reverse Skullcrushers x 10

Round 4:

  • Lawnmowers x 10 each side
  • Outhouse Curls x 10
  • Bench Dips x 20

Round 5:

  • Kettlebell Swings x 10
  • Slow-Release Curls (curl it up to chest, lower it slowly on a 5 count) x 10
  • Side arm push-ups x 20 each side

We got thru all five sets so quickly, we had time to run thru each exercise once more

Circle Bell Merkens:

  • Circle up in the parking lot, each man sets a kettlebell down with his right hand
  • Hold a straight arm plank with left hand flat on the ground, right hand on the bell
  • Do one merken, hand walk to your right until your left hand is on the bell, do another merken
  • Hand walk to your right until your right hand on the next bell, do one merken, continue until you make it all the way around the circle
  • Once around the circle, head back to your left and REPEAT the whole sequence


  • Shoulder and Tricep stretches


  • The Gremlin is 1/19 at the University.  Sign-up ASAP, preblast here.
  • Speaking of the Gremlin, there’s a pre-run at the University this coming Monday.  Launch time TBA, see @Wexler for details.
  • MECA Winter Party is 1/26, preblast here.


Today was Day 5 of my Iron Q Week, and it definitely doesn’t get easier as it goes along.  Another night of sick kids and lack of sleep, and I was really dragging at 5am.  Something about the camaraderie at this workout though, I always find myself looking forward to it.

@FlipPhone brought his Bluetooth speaker so I had him fire up the Replacements channel on Amazon Music and we got after it.  I’ve done variations of this workout for years, actually dating back to @Gamma’s first post at the Concord AO back in like 2014 (we used rocks in Concord).  It’s a modification of the P90X Shoulders and Arms workout – five rounds of three exercises, each round featuring a shoulder lift, bicep lift and tricep lift.  REPEAT each round before moving to the next one.  I don’t ever recall us getting thru the workout so quickly though – we finished the 5th Round some time around 5:55.  But considering the lack of chatter we had this morning, I think everyone was just at a higher level of focus this morning – thus the quick work.

The fifth installment from The Six Rules of Success: Don’t be Greedy.  Previous rules describe how to figure out what you want, how to plan for it, how to get it – today’s rule is about knowing when you’ve done enough.  No matter what you’re trying to achieve, there is such thing as too much.  You can work too hard at your career, and while it may net you a financial reward, it comes at the expense of family, spiritual faith and personal health.  Being a good husband and father is vitally important, but it’s possible to over-nurture your loved ones to the point they aren’t learning to stand on their own.  Fitness and health is essential to all of us, but if taken to excess, can lead to pride and arrogance.  Just keep your head about you when working toward your goals, greed is not greed…greed is a sin.

Hope to see everyone tomorrow for my sixth and final Iron Q lead.

/Exit 54

  • On December 28, 2018


  1. Thanks to everyone who was out there tonight. Very little chatter today due to all the work being done.

  2. I think I’m still sore from this workout from 2014. Hated to miss it this time so hopefully you’ll do it again!!

  3. FlipPhone

    Great lead @Exit. My calves are still sore from whichever day we did the curb jumps.

    I was “ok” with the circle push ups on the bells, until we had to switch direction and try to go back. Ouch …

    Great Iron Q week. Won’t be there tomorrow for the finale. Hopefully it’s a big turnout.

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