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F3 MeCa | October 18, 2019

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Super sized

  • When: 12/04/17
  • QIC: Flip Phone
  • The PAX: Rerun, Hop Hunter, Talladega, Turbine, The Rock, Clueless, SS Minnow, Ito, Blart, Solo Cup

11 men braved a little cold and started their week out right under the lights of the “Super Moon”.  YHC heard some chatter about that on the radio during the drive home from the workout and turns out it’s a real thing.  Do some learning on the interwebs.  It was a little brighter out there than normal.  Just another benefit of rising early and kicking a$$.

Here’s how it went.

Short Mosey

Warm Up

SSH x 20

IST x 15

Windmill x 12

Mountain Climber x 20

Merican x 10

The Thang

Count off in 5 groups

Station 1

At bottom of left-side ramp

With sand bags

50 combined Goblet Squats with partner

50 combined curls with partner

Station 2

At bottom of right-side ramp

Mericans – 100 combined with partner

Station 3

At the Speedway sign

Dips – 100 combined with partner

Station 4

At restroom building

Mountain Climbers – 100 combined with partner

Group 5 ran up and down the left-side ramp until the group with the sand bags is done

Loop through all the stations until time is called


Orphanage party is December 15th at 6:30 PM.  Pre-blast is here with all the details.  Please respond to evite if you can make it.  Speak to YHC or @Kojak if you have any questions.

Reindeer run on December 16th. @TheRock has the details.


Great work this morning guys.  Thanks for coming out in the cold.

Good to partner with @Rerun.  It warmed up quickly out there!  More and more police officers joining the group now!  That’s good news.  Maybe @SoloCup will finally learn to behave himself.  #undercoversting

@Blart should have turned on his lights this morning as he followed @HopHunter into the track.  #WhatDidIDo?!?!  @Blart – @SoloCup drives a Subaru Forester with a Blue Ridge Relay foot-shaped sticker, in case you ever want to pull the greatest prank ever.  Just make sure your camera is turned on and recording it so it can be shared.

Great to see @Turbine back out at #WhiteLightning.  Didn’t get to speak with you much during this one.  Come back out next week and let’s chat.

@Ito and @TheRock were out there killing it.  I think they planned matching wardrobes at the robotics event on Saturday. #twins




  1. SoloCup

    The Man can’t keep a brother down. #DontTazeMeBro #ImGoingFullOJInAWhiteBronco

    Great getting to know TheRock today. Great Tough Lead.

    Gamma is going full Hulk Mode when he finds out you messed up one of his SandBags

    Keep Pushing

  2. #youbreakityoubuyit

    • FlipPhone


      @Rerun had to cut it with his blade and taste with his pinky … To make sure it was just sand.

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