#PreBlast – Sirius Throw Back

On this day, Skipper led workout at the launch of F3-Sirius at Cox Mill Elementary. Supporting PAX: Moses, Outlaw, Mountie, Ed-FNG, Hammer, Comet, Yard Sale, Titanium, Wonderboy, Opie, Parkour, Gump, Haskell and Kool Aide. Workout has normal suspects, utilizing the hill, bleachers, playground for assorted #PAXPleasers. School has lots of possibilities, plus high school short Indian Run away.

Uncanny that just over a year later, soon-to-be Schnitzel shows up, after relentless EH from Pox. Kato led fight-gone-bad AMRAP with PAX of Pox, Hammer, KGB, Parkour, and soon-to-be Quidditch. I remember Kato writing down reps for each of us on paper after each round, encouraging us to do as many reps of the exercises the next time as we did last time. #EncourageAlways. I said, “Hey, I did 0 last time, I can do that again!” #KeepPounding

Last workout at Sirius, 4 PAX for “Hybernation” workout, led by Kato.

Sirius Throw Back Convergence = Highlands + Rolling Stone + Skywalker
0530 @ grounds of retired AO #Sirius (Cox Mill Elementary).
Sirius would be 4. Schnitzel turns 3.

Come and join Schnitzel in saying, “Thanks F3”.

14 thoughts on “#PreBlast – Sirius Throw Back

  1. Pox

    Pox is in…Ahoy! Hammer, Kato, KGB, Parkour, Bare Knuckles (anyone got a contact for him?)… let the fun begin

  2. McFeely

    This sounds exciting! HC

    You know there is supposed to be a few more neighborhoods approved on Cox Mill Rd. After those get going, I think it would be good to do a test run of Sirius again…. much like El Dorado got again earlier this year.

  3. Kato

    Congratulations Schnitzel! I have such fond memories of Sirius. One never forgets where they first spilled merlot.

    From my perspective….Cox Mill is still the best AO location in MeCa:
    – Multiple Fields
    – Multiple Playgrounds
    – A track
    – Basketball Courts
    – Multiple Covered Areas….with more pull up options than any other AO (including those that built their own)
    – A monster hill in the front for repeats/ladders
    – No neighborhood problems….we could be loud there
    – A friendly staff

    When you get bored of all that, there’s a High School across the street to run to with more fields, tracks, and stadium bleachers.

    Unfortunately, a great AO is worthless without participants. I’d love to see Sirius start up again in the future.

  4. McFeely

    @Kato, I agree.

    It is definitely easiest to go to the closest AO to your home normally, which though I was not a F3 Pax back then, might have done in Sirius, especially with the main hoods (Highland Creek, Skybrook, Moss Creek) each having their own AOs. A ways back, Christenbury was the only neighborhood where Sirius was the easiest, but was still very new. Since Christenbury is pretty much built out, it might work. Or, with the extra hoods planned on Cox Mill Rd, I can definitely see Sirius being resurrected within a few years if not soon.

    For now, maybe a 1x per quarter (or month) convergence to Sirius might work, and can increase if interest is there…

    Thoughts? of course thoughts can be discussed while getting the beatdown in 2 weeks!

  5. Schnitzel Post author

    Weather forecast shows that cooler early morning temperatures that we’ll see for next few days will be replaced with sauna-like conditions that we’re accustomed to for last few months – #sweatyAtSirius.

    Looking forward to it!

  6. Haskell


    Hammer was talking about re-establishing Sirius AGAIN, this morning. I will post there on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I was at football practice with my 2.0 and #daydreaming about all the great opportunities awaiting a dedicated pax.

    Thanks @Schnitzel for resurrecting Sirius. Where two have gathered, there shall I be. Can we get a Master Q sign-up created for Sirius? Been gone awhile, not sure who owns that…

  7. Haskell

    OH! And there seems to be concern about “Intensity.” Please bring yourself, there is #noshame for the PAX that meets in the gloom. #showup #dowhatyoucan

  8. Schnitzel Post author

    I hadn’t really considered the throw-back day to be a relaunch/resurrection, but more of a reunion plus a chance to celebrate 3 years since my #FNG-day; on site. Not sure where it will lead, but it’s good to see some interest on that front from Haskell, Hammer, Mr. McFeely etc., so who knows.

    I’m really looking forward to this Friday all the same.


  9. Haskell

    There is so much to offer there! Down by the football field there are large railroad ties!!! We could get 5 or 6 PAX per!!!! So much fun!

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