Wheel O Pain

Nice 11 man PAX out in the gloom this morning for a spirited Wheel O Pain beat down. Prison Fruit back in from Vaca, Man Down back at it from his medical leave,   Special props to Iron Wolf for getting in his pre run twice this week! T-Claps

Warm O Rama

20 SSH, Run Alcatraz, 20IST, Run Alcatraz, 20 CP, Run Alcatraz, 20 MC

The Thang

Wheel O Pain Electronic Wheel of Fortune style wheel with 10 panels labeled Mercins, C-Block Curls, C-Block Lunges, C-Block Squats, Over Head Press, Run Lap, Dips, Muscle Ups, Suicide Run and Pull Ups.  Each Pax spins the wheel, no back to backs, re-spin if that occurs.  1st time around each exercise 10 Reps, to 15 to 20 back to 15 and finish at 10 until all are completed.


Mason Twist, WWI, LBC, Pretzel Crunch


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