Is this ever gonna end?

When you arrive to a beatdown to see @Hootie lacing ’em up, you know things are about to get interesting and this gloom was no different. Time’s a-wastin’ and these hills ain’t gonna run themselves. Let’s get after it. With no Q slated, YHC took the reins and the PAX quickly saw an opportunity to pass the buck for their own self confusion. Dat dog don’t hunt with Chowder today. YHC must be cranky due to his lack of sleep lately.

The Thang
– Out the front of HCES and right on the Parkway
– Right on Clarke Creek
– Right on Millstream
– Right on Christenbury back to HCP
– Each loop is 2 miles
– Run as many as you like, then head back to HCES
– Some ran 2 loops, most ran 3 loops or others (@M*A*S*H) ran 4


– Back here at 4:30 this afternoon for a double

– Overheard from @GrayHarrisburg, “was looking for an easy recovery run, so I thought I’d go run with Highlands.”
– Overheard the @WaxersNightmare, “was looking for an easy recovery run, so I went to run Tradition’s long run.”
– @BBQ continues to lead the way on the Harrisburg Humiliation Loops. He lapped back to me twice. I guess the lure of Highlands 2nd F is so strong that you always come back to it.
– Please tell me that wasn’t my daughter and her friend roaming Millstream at 6am…
– Welcome @FNG_Ryan – enjoy the rest of your post-graduate tour. Join us again soon.


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  1. BBQ

    Enjoyed it this AM PAX. Thanks for putting up with us HB guys (or putting up with @Hootie). That’s a good little loop you got there. The rain added to the fun.

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