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The Distance Redux – the return of Glock

Can’t make it early? C’mon out. Overslept? We’re here. Want to double with the a.m. Distance? Happy to oblige. Whatever the reason, three #faithful came out for the afternoon version of the Distance. Again, kept it simple… @Glock and @Filibuster – 201 Central long route with a Beauvista and Firehouse adder (7 miles) @Chowder – […]

I guess we know what Glock got up to last night

As the men of @F3MeCa assemble in the gloom for a little #Distance training, one noticeable absence loomed… but @Glock warned us. I guess there’s always the afternoon redux. Some of the #Harrisburgers were already in mid-stride when @Avalanche rolled in. @BBQ was late for his fourth or fifth “clipping” so he pulled up stakes […]

Eight miles twelve different ways

With @Filibuster and @Diplomat already launched for some extra credit, nine more PAX just waited for @Chopper to plow through the parking lot to get to his special spot, then wait until 0533 for one PAX to arrive on #StoliTime. All well and good though as we were still debating the route, which was never resolved […]