Flash Mob 5k!!

A few days ago, YHC received an email from Tradition letting us know that there was a Flash Mob 5k that we should attend around 6:30.  Apparently an anonymous pax member assumed this meant 6:30am and posted this morning to find no one there.  Sorry brother!  Anywho, I decided to run it less than an hour before start time as I told Dingo I would do it. Note that Dingo’s name is NOT in the pax list…  #jellylube.


Individual stretches and light jogs around the parking lot

The Thang:

Run 3.1 miles


I’ll be honest…it was weird seeing you guys for 1st F in the PM part of the day.

Belding was fast as usual WITH stroller and 2.0.

So were hot wheels and his 2.0s. I believe he and YHC got PRs.

Bloodsport looked like he could’ve run another 3.1 after crossing the finish line  #strong

There will be a few more of these…we shoulddo them.  Great way to promote F3 and win free stuff.


The Farm





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  1. Bloodsport

    Thanks Hot Wheels for spreading the word 2.0s first 5k and great family fun. Great to see other Pax out there.

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